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ESMO global recognition for ZIOPAR- an Artificial Intelligence-based free cancer tool.
Global recognition at the European Society of Medical Oncology(ESMO)

ZenOnco.io receives global recognition at ESMO for introducing ZIOPAR - World's first such Artificial Intelligence-based cancer report generation tool

Sept 21. 2020

ZenOnco.io receives global recognition at the European Society of Medical Oncology(ESMO) Annual Virtual Congress 2020 for introducing ZIOPAR – World’s First Artificial Intelligence-based tool to generate free directional cancer treatment assessment reports.

free online AI-based cancer tool, Ziopar ZenOnco,io
A testimonial about ZIOPAR on Times of India

A free AI-based tool for cancer patients stuck at home

June 8. 2020

Launched by ZenOnco.io, an online cancer management platform, the main purpose of ZIOPAR is to assess the health and past medical history of the patient and then suggest appropriate treatment option 

Indian express dimple parmar cancer patient
Dimple Parmar with Indian express on what problems cancer patients are going through

Indian express with ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer

May 11. 2020

Dimple, co-founder of the support group Love Heals Cancer, told indianexpress.com, “The treatment for some patients has been stopped; the respective doctor has to take a call on whether it needs to be continued or not, depending on the urgency. But patients are scared and anxious about their treatment being delayed. Of course they cannot travel if they want to get treatment in some other city. There are elderly patients whose children might be in another city at the moment, so caretaking is also a challenge.”

Dimple's interview with CNN News18

Dimple Parmar Co-Founder & CEO: The decision of postponing treatments is a very calculative move being taken by doctors

April 23. 2020

Dimple’s interview with CNN News18 and views on impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients, and how our team of oncologists is helping cancer patients in this crisis.

Kishan Shah YourStory
Kishan Shah's article by YourStory

The story of our Co-Founder Kishan Shah on YourStory Monday Motivation

Mar 16, 2020

The story of our Co-Founder Kishan Shah on YourStory Monday Motivation: “How he left his childhood dream of investment banking / private equity career to enter into the social service space to serve cancer patients.”

India’s first Integrative Oncology centre founded by committed caregivers Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah
India’s first Integrative Oncology centre founded by committed caregivers Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah

ZenOnco.io is India’s First Integrative Oncology Cancer Center

Mar 12, 2020

ZenOnco.io is India’s first Integrative Oncology centre founded by committed caregivers Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah after they lost their loved one to cancer. While Dimple lost her husband to cancer, Kishan saw the suffering of cancer patients first hand. They personally know the pain that cancer patients and their caregivers go through the journey of fighting against cancer.

Tedx Speaker Dimple Parmar bangalore
Dimple Parmar ted talk

Our Co – Founder Dimple Parmar gave a Ted Talk at Tedx SIBM

Feb 22, 2020

Dimple gave a Tedx Talk at SIBM Bengaluru

Kishan Shah being awarded "101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders" award at the World Health & Wellness Congress

Our Co-Founder Kishan Shah receives “101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders” award

Feb 14, 2020

Being recognized as “101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders” at the World Health & Wellness Congress today testifies that we are adding value to the world – together, we can make it free from cancer.

Dimple Parmar being awarded "101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders" award at the World Health & Wellness Congress

Our Co-Founder Dimple Parmar receives “101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders” award

Feb 14, 2020

The love that we have shared with cancer patients through Love Heals Cancer and ZenOnco.io has been recognized via “101 Most Fabulous Healthcare Leaders” award at the World Health & Wellness Congress – proud to share that both Kishan and I have won this prestigious award.

Dimple Parmar's article by BrilliantRead.

Interview With Dimple Parmar | Co-Founder And CEO At Love Heals Cancer And ZenOnco.io

Feb 3, 2020

Dimple has been awarded “Top 100 Healthcare Leader award” by the International Forum of Advancement in Healthcare. She is an active panellist and speaker at multiple seminars.

To pursue her journey of helping other cancer patients better, She learnt and completed training like Integrative Oncology, Mind-Body-Medicine, Healing Circles, Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies, Mindful Caregiving Education, End of Life Conversation and almost everything required to empower others.
Dimple graduated from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta) and worked with major corporates before embarking on her purposeful journey.

Kishan Shah's article by BrilliantRead

Interview With Kishan Shah | Co-Founder And CEO At Love Heals Cancer And ZenOnco.io

Feb 3, 2020

Kishan’s interview with brilliantread.com on his inspiring and revolutionary work, regarding dedicating his life to helping cancer patients. and being awarded “Top 100 Healthcare Leader award” by the International Forum of Advancement in Healthcare.


“Promising Social Leader” by Grant Thornton Awards, SABERA - The Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Awards 2019

Dec 4, 2019

Our Founder was awarded as “Promising Social Leader” under the age 30 yr by Grant Thornton Awards, SABERA – The Social and Business Enterprise Responsible Awards 2019


Humans of Bombay: Marrying cancer patient and finding purpose of life

Nov 1, 2019

“He was an amazing man. We first met at a conference, and realised that we were in the same college. Initially when we started getting close, he told me everything– he had financial problems and things at home weren’t good. I was the only person he could ‘talk’ to and I was just drawn to him.
Around that time he fell really sick, and it got worse every day. One day, he went to the doctor and when he came back, he didn’t utter a word. He just packed his bags and went to his hometown. That evening he called me and said, ‘I have stage 3 cancer’. I was shocked, but that’s also when I realised that I liked him.

Podcast with Kunal Kapoor Ketto

Podcast MD with Kunal Kapoor: IIM Alumnus Dimple Parmar Shares Her Journey As A Caregiver To Her Husband Who Died Of Colon Cancer

Oct 28, 2019

While the content on healthcare is available in large volumes, there’s very little relevant content available. And with this purpose, Podcast MD by Ketto hosted by Kunal Kapoor invited our founder, Dimple Parmar, to share her experiences and insights on dealing with cancer. Having researched and been in this domain for a long time, she explained how Integrative Oncology could play a great role in transforming the lives of individuals going through the cancer ordeal.


TEDx Speaker: Mind and Matter - Rewilding the human body

Oct 26, 2019

Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living – a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.

With the theme of Mind and Matter, TEDxXUB unveils its third speaker, Dimple Parmar, popularly known as Love Warrior, Healer, and Social Entrepreneur is the Founder and CEO of Love Heal Cancer and ZenOnco.io. has dedicated her life to helping cancer patients. For her revolutionary work, Dimple has been awarded with the “Top 100 Healthcare Leader award” by the International Forum of Advancement in Healthcare.


Cancer Awareness and Prevention Workshop at Cognizant

Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2019

Love Heals Cancer conducted a cancer awareness and prevention workshop with Cognizant for 3 continuous days at 3 different locations in Mumbai. In the workshop, we specifically focussed on sharing knowledge on how cancer can occur in anyone’s body and how following certain lifestyle practices can reduce the chances of cancer getting afflicted to any individual. The key takeaway from all the workshops was “Prevention is the start and if there is no cure, prevention can rather be the cure”

Rising souls

Interview with Rising Souls: Fighting the hero within - Journey of love and loss

Oct 9, 2019

Embracing the Womanhood.
Recognizing the Hero Within
By Manisha Pathak – Life Coach


IIM Calcutta: Mumbai based non- profit organization founded by IIM Calcutta alumni

Sep 27, 2019

The story of IIMC alumni Dimple Parmar and Nitesh Prajapat is heartwarming and incredibly brave. After losing her husband, Nitesh to cancer, Dimple started Love Heals Cancer which provides an array of cancer-related services to help cancer patients and their caregivers to find extensive healing options. Click here to read more about their journey- https://bit.ly/2ms0Cn5

The better India

The Better India: After Losing Husband to Cancer, Wife Helps 1000 Patients Battle the Deadly Disease!

Sep 23, 2019

The Better India featured the journey of Dimple and Nitesh emphasizing the unbreakable bond they shared. The article also touched upon how Dimple fought against all the odds with and after Nitesh and founded two organisations “Love Heals Cancer” and “ZenOnco.io” to serve thousands of cancer patients out there.


Times Of India: After losing her husband to cancer, THIS woman is supporting cancer survivors!

Sep 19, 2019

Times of India featured our founder, Dimple Parmar and mentioned her overwhelming journey of love, faith, hope and the loss which she went through. The article mentioned her experiences as a caregiver, to her late husband, Nitesh, while he was going through last stage cancer. They also appreciated the courage and determination with which Dimple faced all of it and founded two organizations “Love Heals Cancer” and “ZenOnco.io” after Nitesh’s demise, to help and support all cancer patients.


Logical Indian: From Losing Her Husband To Healing Hundreds Of Others, Dimple Parmar Is A Ray Of Hope For All Cancer Patients

Sep 16, 2019

The Logical Indian featured our founder, Dimple Parmar to make people aware of her work and how she bravely faced all the odds that came on her way. The article mentioned how Dimple married Nitesh (when he was diagnosed with Stage III Colorectal cancer) and stood by him in all circumstances, no matter what. She did everything possible to expedite Nitesh’s recovery, but couldn’t save him and he got his angel wings. This is when Dimple got a new vision to lead her life and she started two organizations one is “Love Heals Cancer” and the other is “ZenOnco.io” that could help cancer patients in every possible manner focusing on Integrative Oncology.


Speaker to inspire youth: Community event

Aug 29, 2019

It was an honor to be invited to an event organized by our community and sharing my journey starting from a small village in Rajasthan to getting recognized at an International platform. Thank you once again for all the love, blessings and support coming on my way. It was a wonderful experience to share about healthy lifestyle practices, youth challenges and finding the purpose of life.

What we will do for love will always be greater than what we do for money. May we all lead with love and change the world.

Dimple Parmar talking at IFAH Panel

Panel Speaker on Complementary Therapies: International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare

Aug 2, 2019

Our Founder, Dimple was invited by ‘International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare’ to talk about Integrative medicines and Complementary therapies in today’s world.

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"Top 100 Healthcare Leaders" by IFAH International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare

Jul 23, 2019

Founder, Dimple Parmar was selected for the ‘Top 100 Healthcare Leaders’ award conferred at IFAH (formerly Smart Health Conference) in Las Vegas, USA. It was her pleasure receiving the award and get recognized at an International Platform. This shows the impact that Love Heals Cancer is creating, by offering the services to the ones in need.


Rajasthan Patrika: Lost husband to cancer and started life with cancer patients

Jul 20, 2019

Rajasthan Patrika featured our founder Dimple Parmar and the impact she and her team are creating through Love Heals Cancer. They mentioned how Dimple, hailing from a small town in Rajasthan is creating such an ecosystem to help cancer patients across various states in India. They saluted her efforts to bring this change in the healthcare space and expressed high regard for doing this work.

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Speaker on Healing Practices: Health Education Library for People

Jun 8, 2019

Founder, Dimple Parmar was invited as a speaker at HELP Talks to share about 7 Healing practices, which are the core fundamentals of any healthy lifestyle (Before or After Cancer). These 7 Healing Practices are:

  • Eating Well
  • Moving More
  • Sleeping Well
  • Managing Stress
  • Creating a Healing Environment
  • Sharing love and support
  • Exploring what matters now

She discussed in detail about each of these practices, and shared how incorporating even one practice can make a drastic difference in one’s life.

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Your Story: After losing her husband to cancer, this IIM alumnus is spreading his message, Love Heals

Apr 29, 2019

Yourstory featured our inspiration Nitesh Prajapat and our founder Dimple Parmar, for their extreme valour, strength and determination with which they fought cancer, one as a patient and the other as a caregiver. Although, Nitesh is not with us anymore, but the eternal love and support which he got from Dimple and many people was indeed commendable. With this, Dimple vowed to dedicate her life to fulfill her husbands’ dream and founded “Love Heals Cancer”.

Dimple Parmar talking at See Talks

Invited as a speaker at SEE talks

Jan 29, 2019

Fouder, Dimple Parmar was invited as a speaker at SEE (School of Entrepreneurial Exploration) Talks to share her inspirational story and how she took small steps to build ” Love Heals Cancer” and “ZenOnco.io”, which are now helping thousands of patients in need.

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Mumbai Mid-day: Wife Fulfills Wedding Vow To Support Cancer Patients

Dec 31, 2018

Mid-Day featured heart-warming story of Nitesh and Dimple showcasing their unbreakable bond and the love, affection, and support they got from unknowns, during their journey. Although Nitesh is no more in this world in bodily form, his vision of helping other helpless cancer patients is what has taken spirits through Love Heals Cancer which works with a vision to help all cancer patients out there.


Panel Speaker on Integrative Cancer Care: Sashakt Hope

Dec 6, 2018

Founder, Dimple Parmar, was invited as a panelist by Sashakt- An Ovarian Cancer Foundation.in “Sashakt Hope Meet”. She was sharing the dais with other medical experts from the field of oncology, accompanied by Rajiv Khandelwal, the host of the session. She was asked to share her experiences with cancer as a caregiver, and how love, compassion, and optimism can help anyone going through this deadly disease.

Also, later she was invited and felicitated for being on the Advisory Board of Sashakt Foundation.

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Guest lecturer at IIPH (Indian Institute of Public Health) on Integrated Medicine and Holistic Healing

Nov 10, 2018

This session was based on Integrated Medicine and Holistic Healing and was organised at at Public Health school in Gujarat

Founder, Dimple Parmar got this wonderful opportunity to share the knowledge and experiences of “Integrative Medicine in Indian Hospitals” and “Holistic Healing with Love and Compassion” as a part of “Social and Behavioral Sciences in Health”. It was her honor to present this to the Medical students and Doctors from various parts of India.


Speaker on Integrative Oncology: Sterling Cancer Hospital

Nov 10, 2018

Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence anymore. In fact, it can lead us each on our own quest for better health. If we can reclaim our health and more time in this life to share with those we love, what more do we need?

Recently, I got this opportunity to have a session with Healthcare professionals, patients, survivors and caregivers about Holistic healing with Healthy Lifestyle at Sterling Cancer Hospital.

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Cancer Counselor: Gujarat Cancer Society

Oct 15, 2018

Founder Dimple Parmar was invited as a panelist at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute on “World Hospice and Palliative Care Day”. The workshop was based on “Colostomy Care” and was attended by oncologists, palliative care physicians, nutritionists, and patients. Dimple shared how Colostomy causes significant changes in the bodily form and also affects patients psychologically. She shared her personal experience as a caregiver and mentioned the difficult phases that every patient and caregiver goes through. Also, she shared the importance of Integrative Oncology and how it can redefine and fill the existing gaps in the current state of healthcare.


Awakin Talks: Love Warrior, Healer, and Social Entrepreneur

Oct 5, 2018

Awakin Calls are an all-volunteer-run offering of Service Space, a global platform founded on the simple principle that by changing ourselves, we change the world, to create a more compassionate and service-oriented society. Our Founder, Dimple Parmar had discussion with Emily Barr on her journey and profound experience she gained in India as well as the USA while being a caregiver. She also shared that she would always be grateful for the love, support and blessings which Nitesh and she received from everyone around them.


Despite all of this, Nitesh spread his wings and flew away, but that gave Dimple a purpose of life. At last the discussion went around how she wants to create a cancer ecosystem and start spreading awareness among general masses and hope to all those who are going through this journey.