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Healing Circle Talks with Ms Neera Singh

About the Healing Circle

Healing Circle is a sacred space where cancer patients, warriors and caregivers share their experiences. It's about expressing and listening without judging anyone, it's about creating a safe and sacred space where everyone feels free to share, where everyone listens with compassion and curiosity, where everyone honors each other's unique way of healing and don't advise or fix or try to save each other and where everyone relies on the power of silence.

About the Speaker

Ms. Neera Singh is a renowned nutritionist, relationship counselor. She is a dedicated caregiver to 3 times cancer survivor CP Singh. She creates awareness about healthy living, women empowerment, and grooms the young generation into global citizens.

Journey of a Caregiver

It's easy for me to say I was brave, courageous or could do anything and manage everything positively but it's not like that. When I actually go back when he told me about his cancer I was totally numb, don't know what to say, what to react which can be the same for most of us because none of us is born brave, but situations make us brave. The moment he said doctors told don't worry you will be alright that gave me hope and we have to live with this hope. Cancer at that time was big havoc but the faith in doctors, God and somewhere in intuitions made it possible. Because not for a single second I felt like he will not be with us or he is going.
Then came the acceptance that okay this is it and we have to face it. The thought that came in my mind was when God gives us many good days we don't ask him why is he giving so much happiness and now when he gave us some problems we are asking why me? and this is wrong!. When we came to this realization we decided to pass this test with flying colors. Took it as a challenge and thought we'll see whatever comes on our way.

Don't make Cancer a Havoc

It was hard to accept when cancer came 2nd time with more high intensity but somehow strength kept on coming. Leading a normal life helped a lot. We kept ourselves busy and very positive and it was a rule not to talk about cancer. Everything was shared but was not made havoc out of it. We used to talk about work and watch movies and listen to songs so it made the environment of home light.

Started course of a nutritionist at the age of 50

We had a large family and I was always interested in giving good food to all the members of the family but when cancer started I was confused what to give, how to give, how much to give and so we had to rush to the doctors for everything but oncologist are very busy people and they don't have so much time to clear all our doubts. So I started reading more about nutrition and then it inspired me to do a course of Nutritionist.

Ms. Neera Singh's tips on Nutrition for Cancer Patients

When we give food to cancer patients we have to look at how much cancer has affected the body and what is the impact of cancer on the body and accordingly, we have to cover that. Take proteins, the proper amount of healthy carbohydrates, take nutrient-dense food, take several little meals in a day, don't cook your fruits, don't eat fibrous fruits instead eat juicy fruits and don't eat salad and cooked food together.

Mr. Atul's unique diet plan

My recurrence of cancer made me consult a nutritionist. And from there I started my diet plans. I avoided 5 white things that are white sugar, white salt, dairy products, refined flour and white rice. I started taking soaked nuts, chia seeds, fruits, salad and Wheatgrass juice.
My whole family eats the same food and make healthy food delicious too.
I think if we take a balanced and healthy diet then recurrence and metastasis chances become less.

Ms. Neera on BMT

It's a very tough thing. A patient goes through a lot and their immunity goes to zero so they have higher chances of getting infected even from their own body's bacterias.
BMT is another confinement. I was with my husband in one room for 37 days and didn't get out from that room for 37 days but we didn't felt confined because the family was with us. Everyone decided that we are in it together and whatever it is it had to be taken together and this helped a lot and this can help everyone going through the same experience.

3 Different Relationship Phases Of Ms. Neera with Mr. CP Singh

Before cancer started everything was good like all bed of roses but understanding only comes when you go through problems and how you both take it together, how you both understand and trust each other on those bad days, and how you solve problems together.
Once you deal with abnormalities or adversity together your relationship grows to a much higher level and you both can understand even each other's silence too.

3 Types Of Relationships

Societal Relationship - If we talk about corona time if someone is infected with this virus society bans them but this is just a virus and it will go. If society behaves like this it severely affects the person. But societal relationships are not in your hand so you can't do much about it you can just hope they be with you and understands you.
Family Relationship - Family is with you all the time no matter what the situation is. So if any adversity comes the first thing they should do is to discuss it all along and let everyone prepare about everything. They should know only positivity will help everyone. Don't hide anything from your children discuss with them they understand even your PET do understand.
Couple Relationship - A lot of things can be shared between a couple but there are 2 aspects of taking it whether to take it positively or negatively. If you take everything positively you understand each other better, have faith in each other, and you become the strength of each other. If you have fear and Anxiety you have to overcome it don't overthink it and don't get into "what if" things.

Work On Overall Wellness

  • Nourish your mind body and soul
  • To nourish your body do physical exercises, dance, do yoga, spend time in nature, improve your immunity, and quality of life.
  • To nourish your mind be calm, positive, stop overthinking and start meditating.
  • To nourish your soul be happy, deep breath, accept everything, have faith and do the things you love and things that make you positive.

Key Points:

  1. None of us is born brave, but situations make us brave
  2. Faith in Doctors is very important
  3. There is no age of learning
  4. It's important to have a balanced and healthy diet
  5. Don't follow others diet plans because everyone has a different body and different body requirements. Everyone's body reacts differently to everything
  6. Family should eat the same food that the patient is eating so the patient doesn't feel alone
  7. Cancer is all about managing side effects and many other things
  8. Adversities strengthen the Relationship