Rehabilitation Care (Care After Treatment)

If you have just finished conventional treatment (radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy) or in between treatments, this program is for you. After your conventional treatment, we will use our complementary therapies to help you regain physical and mental strength to be ready for the next step in your cancer care.

Restore health and life after cancer treatment through our “Rehabilitation Care” program, which focuses on using evidence-based programs and supportive therapies to build emotional and physical strength and reduce side-effects of treatment. It is possible to improve a person’s health above their pre-cancer diagnosis baseline. Services under this program include supervised exercise, dietary counseling, stress management, massage, etc.

A cancer rehab program would be tailored to the special needs of cancer survivors, using evidence-based educational programs and supportive therapies to restore health, and quite possibly improve a person’s health above their pre-cancer diagnosis baseline.

We at ZenOnco.io believe that rehabilitation after cancer treatment should become a standard part of survivorship care. Our program is individually designed to restore health after treatment, sometimes to a higher level than before diagnosis.
It’s a medically supervised program designed to help improve your health.
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Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your body and mind through our personalized therapies to maximize the benefit of cancer treatment:
    • Curate diet plan to for your body that helps you make a speedy recovery
    • Assess current fitness levels, and work with you to get you to your fitness or mobility goal after your treatment
    • Psychological counseling to understand the changes and challenges you may face after your treatment
  • We want you to build resilience to recover quickly after your treatment and ensure you are able to either prepare for your next treatment or get back in shape for daily activities
  • We will always work with you to provide you supervised exercise and make sure you receive correct information about your recovery goals
  • We want you to manage your stress post your treatment and we will give you support and appropriate therapies to do that
  • We will help you re-establishing healthy biorhythms/sleep patterns
  • We will help you improve your therapeutic efficacy and survival of cancer treatment
  • Our aim is to protect and stimulate the immune system so that you can recover quicker

Our program are offered through below sessions:

  • Diet and Metabolic Counseling.
  • Exercise and Movement Training.
  • Mental and Emotional Counseling.
  • You can avail counseling and training sessions either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco Healing Center (ZHC).
  • *Please note that Diet and Metabolic counseling shall be provided only either online or at ZHC.
  • *Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai

We recommend you to talk to our Patient Counselor to know which program would suit you most.

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