Prehabilitation Care (Care Before Treatment)

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, and you have been advised to go for conventional treatment (radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy), this program is for you. We will work with you before your cancer treatment to help you, your mind, and your body be better prepared to undergo those conventional treatments.

Prepare your mind, body & spirit after diagnosis and before starting treatment to ensure that you are in your best shape to meet the challenges of cancer treatment. The goal for “Prehabilitation Care” program is to reduce the occurrence and severity of future impairments from cancer treatment by improving physical, mental and emotional health.

We at ZenOnco.io believe that prehabilitation before cancer treatment should become a standard part of treatment care. It’s a medically supervised program designed to help improve your health.
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Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your body and mind through our personalized therapies to maximize the benefit of cancer treatment:
    • Curate diet plan to ensure your body is ready to take treatment
    • Assess current fitness levels, and train your body to become resilient
    • Psychological counseling to prepare body and mind to receiving treatment without any fear or concerns
    • Manage stress through variety of customized mind-body techniques
  • We want to handle difficult emotions and trauma of the initial diagnosis
  • We will ask correct questions to doctors to ensure accurate diagnosis and best treatment possible
  • It is important for us to suggest changes to lifestyle and surroundings to create an environment that welcomes healing before treatment begins
  • You can connect with survivors and other patients heroically going through the same journey

Our program are offered through below sessions:

  • Diet and Metabolic Counseling.
  • Exercise and Movement Training.
  • Mental and Emotional Counseling.
  • You can avail counseling and training sessions either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco Healing Center (ZHC).
  • *Please note that Diet and Metabolic counseling shall be provided only either online or at ZHC.
  • *Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai

We recommend you to talk to our Patient Counselor to know which program would suit you most.

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