Palliative Care (Comfort Care)

We offer palliative care services to cancer patients to improve their quality of life. Our focus is on healing and relieving you of the pain, symptoms of cancer and side-effects of treatment taken. While some patients and doctors think palliative care comes at end of life, we believe that palliative care is needed throughout the journey to improve your quality of life.

Our “Palliative Care” program focuses on relieving symptoms, even when the cause of the symptom can’t be removed or cured. Another important service of palliative care is advance care planning: helping people plan and communicate how they’d like to be cared for in case they aren’t able to speak / communicate in future.
Symptoms can arise and impact your quality of life at any stage of your cancer experience. Distressing symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, anxiety or depression may be present at diagnosis or during cancer treatment, including treatment intended to cure. Delayed-onset treatment effects may arise after treatment is completed, even if the cancer is in remission. Many symptoms may accompany advanced stages of cancer. No matter if you have early- or late-stage cancer, if these symptoms persist and are not manageable with standard treatments, considering palliative care is appropriate.

It’s a medically supervised program designed to help improve your health.
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Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your body and mind through our personalized therapies to maximize the benefit of cancer treatment:
    • Curate diet plan to help you relieve or suppress your pain through complementary therapies
    • Assess current fitness levels, and train your body to become receive relief from your pain or side effects
    • Psychological counseling to prepare body and mind for the next step of your life based on you and your family’s advance care planning
  • We want to provide you with relief and pain from the symptoms that may not go away
  • We willl work with your caregivers and doctors to help communicate what you feel and how you wish to proceed
  • We understand your concerns and will take time to create a plan you want for your future during the time of your illness
  • In doing so, we will also clarify treatment goals with your family and healthcare providers
  • During this stage psychological counselling is extremely imporant and we will provide that to help you process your decisions
  • Our healing circles are also a safe place for you to share your story and feel the love you deserve

Our program are offered through below sessions:

  • Diet and Metabolic Counseling.
  • Exercise and Movement Training.
  • Mental and Emotional Counseling.
  • You can avail counseling and training sessions either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco Healing Center (ZHC).
  • *Please note that Diet and Metabolic counseling shall be provided only either online or at ZHC.
  • *Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai

We recommend you to talk to our Patient Counselor to know which program would suit you most.

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