Integrative Care (Care During Treatment)

If you are currently receiving treatment for your cancer, this program is for you. During the course of your treatment, we will help guide you and constantly help you go through the conventional treatment process. We will work with your healthcare providers to provide you a more holistic approach so you can react better to your treatment and heal quicker.

Improve the effectiveness of your existing conventional cancer treatment by combining evidence-based complementary therapies. Our “Integrative Care” program provides plans on diet, fitness, emotional wellness, supplements, reduce side-effects of conventional treatment, stress management, and lifestyle modifications to extend life with good quality.

It’s a medically supervised program designed to help improve your health.
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Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your body and mind through our personalized therapies to maximize the benefit of cancer treatment:
    • Assess your strength and strengthen your body to build physically during your treatment
    • Curate a diet plan to tolerate your medication and conventional therapy to give you immunity and energy during your treatment
    • Provide a counseling guide to give you the encouragement and help communicate your concerns with your family or healthcare providers
  • We will create a healing environment at home or your workplace to give you the courage and strength to go through your treatment
  • Lifestyle modifications will happen with you in mind but also the intensity of the treatment
  • We want to help you build mental and physical strength and have a more positive or spiritual attitude towards your current treatment
  • You will improve the efficacy of your current treatment plan and create a better outcome for your body
  • We will help you and your family figure out how which complementary therapies work best during the course of your treatment (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy)

Our program are offered through below sessions:

  • Diet and Metabolic Counseling.
  • Exercise and Movement Training.
  • Mental and Emotional Counseling.
  • You can avail counseling and training sessions either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco Healing Center (ZHC).
  • *Please note that Diet and Metabolic counseling shall be provided only either online or at ZHC.
  • *Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai

We recommend you to talk to our Patient Counselor to know which program would suit you most.

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