Diet and Metabolic counseling

We offer personalized diet plans that are designed for your needs, your cancer, or for your prevention of it.

We want to make sure you have a diet that consists of “cancer-fighting food” through our personalized diet program by our onco-dieticians. The diet plans and nutritional supplement we have will make your body stronger and more receptive to your treatment. Our experts will ensure what is needed to make sure you do not compromise on your dietary/taste preferences.

At the ZenOnco.io, you’ll have an individual consultation with one of our registered dietitians. Through this process, you’ll receive personalized nutrition education and training that are based on your individual dietary assessment, complete biochemical analysis and the various factors of your condition. Your dietitian will explain the scientific rationale supporting our nutrition program. What you can expect, however, is a diet primarily based on whole, unprocessed, plant-based foods.
It’s a medically supervised program designed to help improve your health.
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Program Benefits:

  • Strengthen your body and mind through our personalized therapies to maximize the benefit of cancer treatment:
    • Curate diet plan to ensure your body is ready to take treatment
    • Find a diet plan that improves outcome by limiting cancer growth with certain foods and make eating well a priority
    • Manage your metabolic imbalance or disease, for example for patients with diabetes or obesity → this might affect the way you respond to your treatment so managing them is critical
    • Exploring a diet that makes your body less hospitable to cancer
    • Recipes provided to you so if you enjoy cooking you can continue doing that
  • We will work with you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight throughout life
  • Unlike your diet programs out there, we will cutomize and create a plan that incorporates your side effects, symptoms, and cancer needs
  • Keeping in mind an integrative plan for eating well will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which can be as much of a risk as cancer recurrence for many people
  • Pairing diet with physical activity is a synergistic combination, with a degree of protection from the disease and a change in the terrain that will provide you with greater benefits

Our programs are offered through below sessions:

  • Diet and metabolic counselor: We shall provide overall 2 or 4 sessions every month either online, at your home* or at our ZenOnco Healing Center (ZHC).
  • We shall provide Personalized diet plans, recipes and diet modification
  • *Please note that Diet and Metabolic counseling shall be provided only either online or at ZHC.
  • *Home Care Service is available only in Mumbai

We recommend you to talk to our Patient Counselor to know which program would suit you most.

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