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Parivartan Sandesh Foundation

Parivartan sandesh foundation is working for the betterment and development of deprived and marginalized population through promoting various programs in India to ensure right to education, access to health services, empowering adolescents through vocational skills to have better livelihood chances & spreading awareness of social issues. Psf focus & sole reason for existence is the betterment of under-privileged in terms of health, education, self-reliant skills & for awareness of social issues. Mission: To promote sustainable social change by improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations, especially children. To act upon the causes of poverty and inequality by influence the policies and actions at a result oriented levels. To identify and work alongside the economically and socially deprived- starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware. Provide better chances to deserving adolescents to become self-reliant to enjoy healthy, dignified and sustainable life.


    Eligibility: Under their 'Heart Energize' programme, treatment for critical illnesses is sponsored for children from the most marginalized, economically deprived families. Children in the age group of 1 to 10 years are considered.

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