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G. K. N. Memorial Hospital

Mission To provide patient focused humane care. Use technology for the benefit of the patients. Continuously upgrade the knowledge, skills and attitude of all health care professionals. Create an atmosphere in the hospital which is clean, safe, organized and positive. Develop and retain people who are caring, motivated, receptive, focused and flexible. Establish and practice ‘quality improvement’ policies in all processes, systems, functions and activities of gknmh. Make research and innovation an integral part of the institution to be an institution that renders effective charitable services to the economically challenged sections of the community and to be the preferred destination of charity for the donors. Values, behaviours and service standards empathy and compassion. Attitude. Courtesy and respect. Sense of ownership and accountability. Team work.


    Eligibility: This scheme is applicable to individuals with an annual income of Rs.72,000/- and below. Apart from the above, the hospital also gives concessions for deserving patients, as the motto of the hospital is "Humane Healthcare".

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