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The Ray Of Light Foundation

The Ray of Light Foundation was created in 2002 by Dr. Priya Ramachandran whose primary goals were to; improve survival of children diagnosed with cancer, adopt children into the program who could not normally afford treatment or be able to access treatment and finally provide the best treatment possible as per Western protocols, regardless of the price, in order to give each child the best chance of survival. The children need to be treated for the entire duration of their illness; therefore the funds from the foundation need to cover 1-2 years of intensive treatment for each child. Children suffering from many different types of cancer are adopted into the program; the main selection criterion being whether or not they can afford and access treatment, not what sort of cancer they present with. This is the only cancer foundation which completely undertakes to fund the treatment of Paediatric cancer over the entire duration of the course of treatment. The foundation not only pays for the entire treatment cost, but also ensures that the treatment is provided at a tertiary care Children's Hospital supervised by a team of Paediatric Oncologists. The nature of paediatric cancer is such that if the correct treatment is administered at the right time, the chances of cure are over 80% in our country. Most parents stop treatment because they cannot afford the entire cost which is out of reach for even an average middle class family. If the treatment is stopped half way the cancer comes back. Also, most organizations partly fund the treatment of cancer. The difference with the Ray of Light Foundation is, that the entire treatment is support for every single child and no stone is left unturned in terms of cost. The foundation also keeps the children under long term surveillance and provide holistic support for the family. The goal is to "adopt" every child and ensure that he/she survive the cancer and goes on to lead a normal life. All the money donated will be used only for purchase of drugs, consumables, blood products and investigations which do not existed in CHILDS Trust Hospital. This is because the foundation has an understanding with the hospital where in the hospital waives all the bed charges and lab charges for investigations. If corporates wish to sponsor one child at a time the payment for that child can be staggered over the period of 2 years and can be paid as instalments of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per year. to access good quality healthcare in the areas in which they resided. We Provide free Medical treatment for children from poor socio-economic background who have been diagnosed with cancer. Our services include diagnostic facilities, In-patient and Out-patient treatment, Investigations, Drugs, Intensive care management and psycho-social support for children with cancer.

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