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Their main objectives are to provide financial assistance for persons challenged by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, specially children and young persons and to support institutions and hospitals that provide free detection and treatment of cancer for the poor. The trust also aims to provide psychosocial , legal and other forms of support to cancer patients and help them rejoin the mainstream of life. Under sahayika, cancer survivor neerja started the apollo cancer support group which is attached to apollo specialty center. They provide psychosocial support to cancer patients. Anyone out there who is suffering from cancer and requires help or wishes to help other people suffering from cancer, can contact them.


    We give free medicines like Tomoxifin, Oncolet and Aridia to breast cancer patients as long term medical support as adviced by their doctors. We fund artificial limbs and crutches for cancer patients who had to undergo amputation. Sahaayika supports the education of children undergoing cancer treatment . We celebrate Rose day, festivals and national events with the patients by organizing nutritious meals, gifts and entertainment. We fund projects that enhance the overall quality of life. Amount: Variable

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