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Umeedein is a non-profit organization which works for cancer awareness and facilitates treatment measures to the patients. They organize various awareness programs in rural and urban areas aiming at a cancer-educated society, and enable them to fight cancer thereby. They also organize health check-up camps in various areas which runs primary diagnosis, and conducts interactive sessions with the participating audience. They guide patients to proper treatment methodology with the help of our team of medical practitioners. They educate and route them to various health treatment programs offered by the government based on their financial eligibility. They, also raise funds for patients who qualify for no supporting programs mentioned above, and are in need of a treatment for survival. Their mission is to remove fear, stigma and taboo associated with cancer at individual and community level, create a cancer literate society so as to promote healthy lifestyle to prevent it and to encourage early detection & take up preferential curative therapies in order to ensure survival. In association with oncologists, pharmacist and philanthropist, They arrange financial aids for therapies and medicines to the deserved section of the society. As a team, They offer a holistic approach to cancer patients and caregivers to battle the disease with strong mind and positive attitude.

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