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Btsg Awareness Foundation

The objective of the foundation are:- • To bring together the brain tumour community and help encourage those living with a brain tumour. • To provide guidance and counselling, caregiver support, to support those who provides unpaid help, or arranges for help, to a relative or friend because they have an illness or disability. Help can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or logistical. • To assess the effectiveness of multidisciplinary rehabilitation in people after primary brain tumour treatment, especially the types of approaches that are effective (settings, intensity). These will be provided by our team of clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers. There will be planned meets during which various aspects will be addressed. It would be a platform for the patients and their care givers • To express and address their issues and challenges and try to find solutions / alternatives. • To carryout various courses/training programs, medical research in the therapies of medical treatment so as to afford medical relief in a better way and to provide research facilities for carrying on research basis and applied in all systems and discipline of medical and surgical affected community. • To get into collaborations, agreements, joint venture or other arrangements with any company, association, firm or concern for providing vocational training to those affected or their siblings / children to reintegrate them to society, logistics support during medical treatment and during recovery, setting up, operating and maintaining business similar to the objectives of the company. They also offer the following services for patients and their care givers affected by brain tumours to guide patients for appropriate neurosurgical facilities for availing their treatment.


    Eligibility: They provide aid to patients suffering from Brain Cancer

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