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Faiz E Aam Trust

Faiz e aam trust was formed with a vision to help the poor and destitute, irrespective of their religion or background, and provide them a safety net where they can become self-sufficient. The rural hospital at kagzipura, about 15km from aurangabad, was started by the bank and run by the trust.The hospital at kagzipura now is fully run by the trust and has a thirty bed capacity. Its modern facilities include x-ray, sonography and pathology lab. Services are provided at a nominal cost. In 2009-10 the patients at the hospital numbered to 16,367. The trust has progressed significantly with 15 corpuses setup for educational, medical, and rehabilitation programs. One of the key areas of focus includes scholarship for deserving students. Many students have benefited from our trust. A number of them have since become active supporters of the trust thereby continuing the virtuous cycle.

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