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Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Fund' Of Breast Cancer Patients Benefit Foundation
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The cancer foundation is an equal opportunity support organization which comprises of well-known medical professional, financial experts, entrepreneurs, gutsy survivors and philanthropic members of the community. They reach out to them through programmes like ‘knowledge at your doorstep’, awareness camps, public lectures, seminars, corporate health checks and other such events. Primary objectives & aim: • To financially benefit those who cannot afford the treatment, increase knowledge among those unaware of the disease and train/motivate care-givers. • To subsidize the mammoth cost of treatment of cancer of needy and poor patients and raise funds for the same. • To help early detection of cancer and to raise funds for the said purpose. • To set up detection centres, hospitals, nuclear science and pathological labs and radiation/ chemotherapy centres in rural and urban areas for treatment of cancer patients and raise funds for the same. • To convince pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs for cancer treatment at concession rate/free of charge for poor and needy patients. • To raise funds for at least four, fully-equipped mobile hospitals / screening vans for the northern, southern, western and eastern regions of India which will further facilitate our ongoing work of 25 years; that of conducting free cancer screening camps in the remotest areas of India and south Asia. • To intensify public-private participation in order to achieve maximum outreach to the poorest patients of all forms of cancer across India.

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