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Shyam Oncology Foundation

They support treatment of some poor patients, primarily for early stages of cancer, where chance of cure is high, but patient is unable to afford treatment. Karunalay this initiative started in april 2012, a center for palliative care, with facility for outpatient care and 10 beds for inpatient care. All the care is provided completely free of cost, for patients in advance stages of cancer where any standard cancer treatment is no longer possible. Advance cancer patients have many needs – mainly relief from severe pain and other distressing symptoms, and counselling for the psychological distress experience by them and family members. Both are provided here by trained team, and without any fees, as the goal is to ensure that patients do not suffer, regardless of who they are. Even when cure is not possible, care is always possible. Palliative care is an established branch of medicine in developed countries, but very few such centers exist in India, especially in gujarat. Our center is located in ahmedabad, gujarat and caters to people of whole state and nearby states like rajasthan, madhya pradesh, and maharashtra as well. We plan to expand to home care service as well, as many poor people do not have resources to travel to our center, even to avail completely free treatment.

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