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Solace is a voluntary organization registered as a trust under the charitable societies act of kerala. Their main aim is to care for children with long term illnesses and stand by their families, strengthening and comforting them, in the face of harsh realities. Solace ensures that the best medical treatment is made available, helping the families through the stress and strain of living with the illness, and provides financial support, including rent, cost of setting up a livelihood, education of siblings etc. And essentials, like food kits necessary for their survival. The main body of solace consists of volunteers, including experienced doctors. They have branches in the districts of ernakulam, kozhikode, palakkad and malappuram, along with the original center in thrissur. They conduct a thorough check up on the medical history and social background of the ailing children and their families to determine the extent and intensity of their need. In most of the cases registered in solace, the families of the children are deeply affected and their lives revolve around providing care for the child. Paternal assistance is often minimal to nil and the mothers struggle to make ends meet. Hence, They provide prescribed medicines, meet hospital charges and facilitate palliative care while also ensuring that sustenance is provided, livelihood guaranteed and maintenance of homes certified. They are therefore in dire need of funds, in cash and kind. Please do contribute money, books, clothes, toys and your vibrant ideas to this effort.


    In terms of medical aid, we ensure that the child receives the best medical treatment available. Monthly supply of often rare medicines and funds for treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc. Amount: maximum INR 50000 per month

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