Healing Circle: Spreading gratefulness and kindness

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Healing Circles at ZenOnco.io are sacred platforms designed for cancer survivors, patients, caregivers, and everybody involved in the treatment process to share their emotions and thoughts. Our healing circles are based on a variety of topics with the purpose of motivating and inspiring people to not only rediscover themselves in this journey of life, but also to find happiness, positivity, and mindfulness over time. We conduct healing circles offline and online, and invite people with inspiring stories who can help the participating individuals boost their self-esteem and learn on how to cope with psychological, social, physical, and mental trauma. Healing circles provide a platform for individuals to share their stories, feelings, and experiences to ease their stress and make them feel better about their journey. 


About the Webinar 


The primary guidelines of this healing circle were treating every individual in the healing circle with the utmost respect, listening to each other with curiosity and compassion, honoring every individual’s experiences and stories, and believing that healing comes from within and that everybody has what it takes to heal. The webinar began with a minute of silence, chiefly to promote the power of silence. Unlike other healing circles, we tried a new approach towards this healing circle due to a technical glitch. In this healing circle, we decided to use the power of the mind to create a distinctive subconscious world based solely on audio representation, and share things that we are grateful for, along with acts of kindness that we shall never forget.


Highlights of the webinar 


  • Staying cheerful: Staying cheerful during the cancer treatment process is extremely imperative as it drives your motivation for healing. Whatever situation you may be in, your mindset and cheerfulness can help you transform it. You have what it takes to get out of this battle victorious. 


  • Gratefulness: We have to stay grateful for everything we have in our life. Appreciating the good in your life is necessary to not only enhance your healing journey but also to feel good about yourself.


  • Being kind: Being kind to one another is crucial during the cancer treatment journey. Several patients shared their touching stories of different acts of kindness. You never know what people are going through. Always be kind to one another as it may help them feel better about themselves. 


  • Believe in the almighty: God sets a path for us. We must trust our faith and go with the flow as whatever is happening to us, good or bad, is meant to happen. Stay devoted and faithful and believe in God and in the power of faith.




The sole motive of this healing circle was to help cancer survivors, patients, caretakers, and other involved individuals heal physically, mentally, and psychologically. Several participants spoke up in the healing circle by sharing their stories and feelings. One of the participants talked about how meditation and music were two factors that helped boost his healing journey. Every participant felt comfortable in sharing similar stories about how they have healed in different ways. The healing circle unquestionably inspired these individuals to feel grateful and happy and rediscover their purpose in life. Moreover, participants also spoke about how believing in God helped them along their journey. 


Why is the power of mind indispensable for healing?


After hearing touching stories of different participants of the healing circle, the power of healing substantially draws down to our mindset. Acknowledging our power of the mind and utilizing it in the process of healing can help boost your mental, physical, psychological, and emotional health and help you appreciate components like gratefulness, positivity, meditation, etc. 


Cancer patients can encounter excruciatingly painful and dreadful side effects caused by cancer treatment. These include depression, insomnia, stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, etc. During these times, one must understand that a strong and positive mindset can do wonders in the healing process. 


ZenOnco.io is extremely grateful to every individual who cooperated and participated in the healing circle. We are appreciative of our beloved participants for making this webinar a successful one. We hope that our platform was a safe space for the respective individuals to feel inspired and feel like they could share anything without having to worry about any judgment. Furthermore, we hope that this webinar has helped everyone take one step closer in their journey of healing.


The power of mind….Can your mind create visions based on audio alone?This is a question that Zoom forced us to think during our today’s healing circle where the intended topic was “The power of mind”.For over 20 minutes we struggled to fix the video of the call, but it all failed. We were wondering how we could carry on the sacred healing circle without a video, but then a friend shared that this could be the chance to use the power of mind to create a world in our sub-conscious based on the audio we hear. We went ahead with the healing circle and discussed on the acts of kindness that have remained in our hearts always. We discussed about blessings and things that we are grateful for.
Sincere apologies to everyone who could not join due to worldwide failure of Zoom’s services. We have postponed the session on “The power of mind” to 24th May 05:00 P.M IST. Thank you all for staying with us and sharing your experiences.
Love and peace to all



Please access the full healing circle video here: https://bit.ly/kindnesspart1  |  https://bit.ly/Kindnesspart2

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