Gandhi Ashram visit to spread cancer awareness


"Face cancer with joy to eliminate all sorrows"

LHC’s visit to the Gandhi Ashram in Delhi was based on this very same motto.

If a person is diagnosed with cancer they must gather the strength and support to fight the disease. Cancer awareness is one such valuable tool which helps to provide the much needed knowledge and support cancer patients require during their cancer journey. Also, when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure. Cancer awareness entails several preventive measures which aid in achieving better health.

To spread this same message of wellness. Dimple addressed 400 women and students from multiple circles on cancer awareness and making healthy lifestyle choices. Key facts about the types of cancer, early detection, symptoms of cancer and prevention were also discussed. Students participated with great enthusiasm and asked Dimple numerous questions which were storming through their minds.

Overall, the deep conversations helped in lifting the spirits of women and children alike. Also, it helped to create an everlasting bond which can never be broken over the tides of time.

At Love Heals Cancer, we continue to work towards our inspiration Nitesh’s dream of spreading awareness and curing the masses. This was our way of showing love and compassion towards the society.

We urge you do to yours. Visit an Ashram, NGO or Dharamshala and give them your time, patience and love to create a better tomorrow.