Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Complementary & Alternative Cancer Medicine

The live series by Caped India is an illustrative series where the CEO of Caped India– Ms. Mridu Gupta conversed with the Co-founders of  & Love Heals Cancer– Ms. Dimple Parmar and Mr. Kishan Shah. Throughout the web series, the core topic that both the parties spoke about includes- Benefits of Contemporary and Alternative Medicine for preventing cancer and other crucial diseases from affecting you. In a nutshell, Ms. Dimple and Mr. Kishan Shah share their expertise on the core topic to help users get a gist into what CAM is all about.

An overview of Mridu Gupta

Mridu Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of the company Caped India. Capes or Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and early detection is a broadened platform that was solely introduced in 2014 for deliberately offering individuals across the world deliberate awareness on cancer and how one can detect it in the early stage, or even prevent it entirely. Furthermore, Caped India also shares the latest treatments, developments, and therapies that are introduced in the field of cancer.


From what we can gather through the social media of Caped India, it is a platform that fundamentally focuses on Cervical Cancer. The grass-root NGO has chiefly worked in the field of cancer for about 6 years. Up until now, Caped India has primarily focused on mainstream expertise, awareness of cancer, and its prevention and care. Throughout these 6 years, Caped India has successfully reached out to more than 19 million people globally. Caped India firmly believes that they have a chief responsibility of offering a much more broadened view of cancer care for their viewers.


To brief the company, Caped India chiefly focuses on Cervical cancer, one of the most popular forms of cancer diagnosed in women. Caped India is dedicated to helping each individual become aware of the fundamental symptoms of cancer, how you can mitigate the risk of developing cancer, and every other element involved in cancer. Caped India holds various interactive discussions with different cancer experts to understand numerous tried-and-tested therapies, healing circles, interventions, and other elements of cancer care. The sole purpose of the interactive session between Ms. Mridu and the co-founders of Ms. Dimple and Mr. Kishan, is to get their insights about cancer and it’s prevention via complementary and alternative medicine.

An introduction to Love Heals Cancer and

Ms. Mridu Gupta starts the interactive discussion by introducing herself and Caped India after which she proceeds to talk about Love Heals Cancer and Ms. Mridu sheds light on Ms. Dimple’s life and how she founded the company after the passing away of her beloved husband, Mr. Nitesh. She, along with her co-found and college friend- Mr. Kishan, work together as co-founders to offer maximal help to caregivers, cancer patients, and their families for their journey of healing.


Love Heals Cancer and both offer deliberate help to cancer fighters, survivors, and other involved members through various counseling sessions based on integrative science oncology therapies, community support, and healing circles. These methods play a vital role in giving a non-judgemental, safe, and relatable platform to the cancer patients, their families, and the caretakers to share their experiences. Furthermore, these integrative therapies also play a fundamental role in helping different individuals rediscover their purpose in life along with providing them with a sense of relief, positivity, and motivation.

The journey of Love Heals Cancer and

As Ms. Mridu continues to ask Ms. Dimple and Mr. Kishan about their path of cancer care through Love Heals Cancer and, Ms. Dimple talks about how she aims to live each day of her life to the fullest, along with helping every needy individual to do the same. Her fun damn mantra states that it doesn’t matter how many years you live, what matters is how much you live in those respective years. Ms. Mridu honors Ms. Dimple’s work and tells us about her commendable achievements. Ms. Dimple has been awarded the top 100 healthcare leader award by none other than the international forum of advancement and healthcare, along with the top 101 most fabulous healthcare leaders by the world health and wellness congress.


To add on, she has also featured in a myriad of popular media including Mumbai Midday, York Story, and Rajasthan Patrika. Along with being a speaker and panelist at various events, Ms. Dimple is an IIM graduate and started her journey of cancer care after the unfortunate passing away of her dear husband. With her meticulous training in different fields under cancer, including on integrative oncology, today, she aims to help every needy individual in the field of cancer understand a different perspective of life, along with offering them several alternative and complementary medicines.


Mr. Kishan, on the other hand, is the co-founder of and Love Heals Cancer. Mr. Kishan followed the path of cancer after having heard his inner calling. As a deeply concerned individual who is passionate about helping cancer patients, Mr. Kishan is dedicated to servicing several cancer individuals after having left the childhood dream of accomplishing the goal of becoming a successful finance professional. When it comes to the achievements of Mr. Kishan, he has been instrumental in introducing and launching the world’s first artificial intelligence-based tool for chiefly generating directional-integrative oncology reports free of cost.


Dimple and Kishan have both conducted varied healing circles and workshops to help and inspire cancer patients to dream big, stay hopeful, and believe in the power you have within yourselves. We honor both Dimple and Kishan by dedicating their lives to selflessly serving different cancer patients.

Dimple and Nitesh’s journey of cancer

Kishan, Nitesh, and Dimple met in IIM Calcutta while studying their masters. Nitesh was diagnosed with colon cancer at a very young age of 25. Dimple, as a caregiver, took care of Nitesh and helped him throughout his cancer treatment which is when they fell in love. Nitesh recovered and had the chance at graduating from IIM after which cancer relapsed. Since Cancer had prolonged, it offered no hope of recovery. As a result, Dimple was determined to find a way of helping Nitesh recover.


After the relapsing of the colon cancer, Nitesh and Dimple got married. While the doctors told Dimple that Mr. Nitesh has only over 6 months left to live, Dimple did not want to give up. They then traveled to the United States of America for his treatment. With much little expertise in the field, Dimple felt helpless but she never gave up. She discovered that several patients who were diagnosed with 4th stage cancer recovered. With this hope, she wanted to give it one last shot in the USA.


Mr. Nitesh was on critical trails and other drugs continuously. While he was doing well at the beginning of the therapies, his condition deteriorated all of a sudden and unfortunately passed away in the year 2018. After Mr. Nitesh passed away, Dimple set foot for discovering the meaning of life, and why everything happened the way it happened. She felt that even though she graduated from one of the most prestigious educational institutions where she had access to the best resources, they weren’t enough in saving Mr. Nitesh’s life.


Dimple felt the need to quit her job after Nitesh’s passing away as she wasn’t content with the field of cancer care and wanted to research different ways through which she could help different cancer fighters going through the same experience. Dimple stayed back in the USA after Nitesh’s passing away and met numerous scientists to get a chance at learning from their healing methods, one of them being integrative oncology. She then proceeded to learn more in the field of cancer care.


Dimple then moved to Ahmedabad and encountered an isolation-incubation phase in the Sabarmati Ashram. Throughout this course of time, Dimple got to learn about several elements of cancer care in India and the important therapies that might be neglected here. Here is where her idea of Love Heals Cancer came into existence. She wanted to provide a platform for the fundamental purpose of offering integrated therapies to cancer patients for healing. Thus, she started by bringing about not only the necessary treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, and other elements into the platform but also alternative elements that India overlooks such as integrative therapies, emotional well-being, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, end-of-life conversations, and much more.


When Dimple started working on Love Heals Cancer, she encountered a beautiful journey of learning. She aimed to find the right balance between both the types of therapies for substantially extending the quality of life in cancer patients. Mr. Kishan started volunteering at Love Heals Cancer and learned that cancer had a lot more to it than its mere definition. Love Heals Cancer gave Kishan a completely different perspective on the healthcare industry as a whole and thought to himself that the industry needed to focus on several overlooked elements such as emotional well-being, contemporary aspects, and much more to improve the overall well-being of the cancer patients.


While Kishan only wanted to help Dimple throughout her journey, he also realized that he wanted to make an impact in the industry of healthcare as a whole. He understood that everybody needed to put in their very best to truly create a self-sustainable and scalable platform for improving the quality of life among cancer patients. He talks about how he wanted to cover even the least essential aspects of cancer care and help every possible cancer patient as cancer doesn’t creep into your life based on your caste, race, gender, or even age.


Thus, Kishan and Dimple decided to open up other necessary ventures to not only cater to a bigger mass and help maximal cancer patients but to also chiefly regulate it in a self-sustainable manner. Here is where came into play. and Love Heals Cancer are chiefly formed to help create a massive awareness of cancer so that many individuals can have a chance at preventing it from affecting them. Furthermore, spreading awareness may also help several individuals detect cancer at a very early stage.

The vitality of Contemporary and Alternative Medicine

When Dimple started her journey of exploring different contemporary and alternative medicines that may be beneficial in preventing cancer, she understood that the doctor-student relationship isn’t given much importance in India. While she knew that Love Heals Cancer and might not be able to help each and every patient, she learned that the cancer treatment, when combined with varied integrative therapies, might unquestionably impact the overall cancer treatment process.


She thus wanted to create a unique ecosystem where doctors, caregivers, and other essential experts could come together and help one another to improve the chance of survival amongst cancer patients. Thus, Dimple decided to reach out to several doctors and was glad to have gotten their inputs for starting Love Heals Care. In the very beginning, Kishan and Dimple brought about complementary and alternative medicine therapies among the underprivileged and people who couldn’t afford the cancer treatments. As their platform grew, the vitality for such alternative therapies was recognized.

Points to note from the interactive session

Mr. Mridu Gupta talks about how the vitality of complementary and alternative medicines is necessary for people who are not only underprivileged but the general citizens as a whole. Mr. Kishan tells us that even people who aren’t suffering from cancer can highly benefit from alternative therapies and anybody can implement these therapies in their daily lifestyle. Not only can these alternatives give Individuals a chance at recovery from cancer but can also help in preventing it from affecting them entirely.


Kishan talks about how and Love Heals Cancer are creating a socially acceptable platform for implementing the necessary integrative oncology therapies for helping cancer patients improve their quality of life, along with extensively improving the chance at preventing cancer in several individuals. While it was quite difficult for Kishan and Dimple to implement integrative oncology the spirits in India initially, they trained several nutritionists and started small by helping the people that they could with the resources they had.


Ms. Mridu sheds light on the factor that one of the most obvious and necessary reasons for spreading awareness on complementary and alternative medicines is to help people understand different precautions to take for substantially preventing the chance of developing cancer. The need for integrative oncology therapies is overlooked in India as doctors believe in surgical therapies and not other therapies. However, Love Heals Cancer and are managing to change this factor. One such brilliant way by which they are bringing integrative oncology into the limelight is by introducing Ziopar.

What is Ziopar?

As previously mentioned, Ziopar is the world’s first and foremost artificial-Intelligence-based integrative oncology report or preliminary assessment report tool that can consistently guide cancer patients for undergoing both medical and complementary treatment, subject to the cancer type, symptoms, stage, and other factors. While we already mentioned that complementary therapy is drastically overlooked in India, Ziopar is the new and advanced way of bringing the combination of complementary and medical therapies into the limelight.


Thus, Ziopar reports are extracted after carefully studying various components of psychological factors, fitness, surroundings, community support, lifestyle changes, and much more. Thus, the need for Ziopar has been extensively enhanced chiefly as it is a meticulous way of getting complete guidance in the journey of cancer. From community support to other forms of mental, physical, and psychological support, several oncologists helped in bringing Ziopar into the spotlight. Thus, this very first step of spreading awareness on the integrative oncology aspects of cancer care.

Ziopar?- How does it work?

Ziopar is a unique application that offers a wide range of inputs and expertise to different cancer patients based on their cancer type, cancer stage, symptoms, and much more. The app plays an imperative role in studying the characteristics of the individual carefully, thereby coming up with the most relevant and reliable treatment that cancer patients can opt for. Furthermore, these treatment results are based on several globally acceptable protocols, scientific evidence, and other critical aspects.


The report that the patients may receive is extremely illustrative and detailed. It is usually over 20 pages based on the inputs and details on several aspects of cancer care and the respective treatment. Furthermore, the app offers results in less than six minutes, even instantly in some cases, and has extensively helped Kishan and Dimple reach out to several cancer patients. With the positive and successful response of the app, it comes as no surprise that this application may be the new game-changer in the field of cancer care. Several cancer patients can access this app for a collective cancer care treatment.

Legitimacy of Ziopar

After launching the tool, to test the legitimacy of the tool, Love Heals Cancer surveyed the app users and recorded a very positive response. Over 90% of the users followed the very same protocol which was suggested by the doctor, 10% of the users also questioned different factors based on genetic mutations to understand if they could undergo different treatments for improving their quality of life. The same 10% were also stunned to know that their doctor changed their reports based on the application reports. Due to this, several people had a chance at exploring various treatments that may substantially give them a chance at recovery or even enhancing the quality of life.


Furthermore, the report gave patients a chance at asking the right questions to their doctors as the report was equipped with essential details. Another very obvious element about Ziopar is that along with the medical treatment details, it offers additional treatment details of integrative oncology, and other mental, physical, and social well-being treatment that helped several people not only have a much more comforting journey of healing from cancer but also had a chance at rediscovering themselves and their purpose.

Emotional well-being

Another very important aspect that Love Heals Cancer and deal with include the emotional trauma caused to the patient and the caregiver while undergoing cancer. As an ex caregiver, Dimple understands how traumatic the entire journey of cancer can be. Along with handling the shock as a cancer patient, it also affects the caregiver and the family as a whole.


Furthermore, from financial strain to psychological effects like depression, anxiety, and much more, most cancer patients and their caregivers encounter a very daunting and overwhelming experience. Love Heals Cancer offers a platform to help and support the cancer patients, their caregivers, and the families, with mental, physical, and psychological services. Dimple talks about how it was overwhelming and scary to watch Mr. Nitesh die In front of her. She sheds light on how caregivers can go through tremendous pressure of taking care of their loved ones suffering from cancer that they might eventually breakdown and face mental trauma themselves.


Love Heals Cancer and thus wants to help every caregiver and cancer patient throughout their journey, from medical treatments, alternative therapies, and emotional support. While most caregivers avoid seeking out for help because they feel the need to be strong for their loved one undergoing the cancer patient, Dimple talks about how it is important to seek for help as you are human and you will need the same care that you are providing to your loved one. Thus, Ziopar gives such caretakers the right expertise to take care of themselves.

Tips from Dimple for healing

  • Exercise- Exercise comes with its own benefits and is known for helping several individuals not only prevent health issues but also stay mentally strong.
  • Self-care- Taking care of yourself is an indispensable factor of healing from the mental and physical trauma caused by cancer. This includes going for long walks, spending time with your loved ones, and much more.
  • Reading- Reading is the best way of healing your mind. Several self-help books can help you get a better perspective on life as a whole.
  • Mindfulness- Lastly, mindfulness and gratefulness are the core factors in the process of healing. Instead of saying ‘why me’, say ‘try me’. Be grateful for your life and live it to the very fullest.

Final Verdict- Services that Dimple and Kishan offer

  • End-of-the-life conversations- Although this might be an extremely emotional and tough call, we offer end-of-the-life conversations to cancer patients and their caretakers so that both of them can come in terms to peace with it. These conversations are meant for cancer patients or their caretakers so that they have a platform to open up to about their feelings.
  • Palliative care- palliative care is the chief way of improving the quality of life. This is something that is looked into at every stage of the cancer. Thus, CAM helps in palliative care by offering help to overcome mental trauma such as anxiety and depression, along with primarily helping them reach their comfort zone.
  • Healing circles- healing circles are soothing and sacred platforms that are organised every Sunday to connect different cancer patients and caretakers for sharing their experiences, along with speaking their heart out. This gives an opportunity for every individual to not only feel inspired but to also understand that whatever happens in their lives, happens for a reason. Furthermore, every healing circle has an individual speaker who talks about their story and also gives insights on how to heal to the participants.