Cancer Awareness and Prevention Workshop at Cognizant

Forewarned is Forearmed‘ goes a popular adage. Spreading awareness about cancer and its related issues has been and continues to be a primary focal point of Love Heals Cancer (LHC) and In line with this, we conducted a workshop in one of the top IT companies in our country, Cognizant Technology Systems (CTS). A one day workshop was conducted at three locations of the company to achieve this.

As part of the workshop, a presentation was carried out which covered all the aspects involved in the various stages of cancer. Right from the identification of the symptoms to the Healing practices, all the topics were detailed upon.

A whole gamut of issues involved during cancer, ranging from birth of cancer cells, small but significant symptoms not to ignore and the primary categories of causes of cancer were touched upon.

Information regarding the risk of cancer occurrence was also shared with the audience. One of the unique points of cancer occurrence is that not one definitive root cause can be pointed on for its existence. Rather, it is a combination of various factors (Genetic, Environmental and Lifestyle factors).

The concept of Healing Practices was explained in a detailed manner. These healing practices involved better practices regarding eating habits, sleep duration, physical activity, stress management, support groups, healing circles.

In the concluding portions, inspiring stories of Cancer Survivors were told, which helped end the workshop on a positive note. The workshop was well received by the company and positive feedback received from the audience helped us renew our vigor and energy.

We at Love Heals Cancer and were overwhelmed by the warm response at Cognizant Technology Solutions and look forward to participating in many such workshops to enlighten people on our fight against cancer.