What is Chemotherapy at home?


To minimize traveling hurdles for the cancer patient, we provide chemotherapy sessions right at the comfort of your home. We allocate an experienced healthcare professional, after consulting with the oncologist. They administer dosages of medication and stay with you for the duration of the procedure.


Why should you opt for Chemotherapy at home?


Cancer treatment can be overwhelming, and it may be difficult at times to travel for treatment. This is why we arrange for expert cancer care in the comfort of your home:


  • Before every chemotherapy cycle, we will consult with an oncologist
  • Significantly lower cost compared to chemotherapy at hospital
  • Chemotherapy drugs provided at home at up to 30% discount


Fee of Chemotherapy at home:


The Fee depends on the drugs prescribed to you. However, the drugs will be provided at up to 30% lesser than retail price. The charge for nurse is INR 1000/hour.


Your next steps:


  • The best way to learn about how we can help you at ZenOnco.io is to call a Patient Care Manager (PCM) at +91 99 30 70 90 00.
  • To read about it in detail please click here.