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ZenOnco launches cancer care app to improve clinical outcomes

Bengaluru-based startup ZenOnco has launched the Cancer Care App which is a 24×7 companion platform to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients and caregivers by providing them with comprehensive science-based guidance at every step of their treatment journey.

It allows patients and caregivers to ask questions to cancer experts and get scientific replies within 1 hour; connect with cancer survivors of same cancer type, and listen to their success stories live; track daily routine and get reminders for medicines & wellness programmes; follow 100+ personalised wellness programmes to boost willpower & strength; get cancer-specific supplements to improve treatment outcomes and reduce side effects; and maintain medical reports online and share with anyone easily.

The App helps patients significantly improve their treatment outcomes by helping them evaluate the medical and non-medical treatment protocols available to improve the chances of cancer cure and reduce the chances of recurrence.

Kishan Shah, Founder & COO of ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer, said, “Our goal behind starting ZenOnco.io is to make integrative oncology (ie, medical treatment along with complementary treatment, including diet, medical cannabis, ayurveda, etc.) more accessible and widely available to patients and caregivers.

Source: https://www.biospectrumindia.com/news/20/22178/zenonco-launches-cancer-care-app-to-improve-clinical-outcomes.html

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