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Yes to Life | Yes to Integrative Oncology

For Robin Daly, “Yes to Life” is his purpose and ultimate contentment. He has dedicated his life to helping cancer patients and, as he puts it, “The Future Us.” Similar to ZenOnco.io, Robin’s “Yes to Life” works to educate patients about integrative oncology. They also help patients financially and socially by hosting treatment events, podcasts, and shows.

I was invited to be a guest speaker on Robin Daly‘s “The Yes to Life Show” on Friday, August 24th. I enthusiastically shared my personal and experiential insights into the emerging field of integrative oncology and her journey as a cancer caregiver.

The show is now available on the “UK HEALTH RADIO NETWORK LIMITED” station and “Listen on Demand” in the UK and worldwide.

Listen on: https://bit.ly/3pc4ntR

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