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Why Should You Choose India for Cancer Treatment?

Cancer is something that brings about all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts. Whenever we speak of cancer treatment, we picture hospitals and medical facilities abroad. People usually think that they have better odds if they can go to foreign countries to get treatment. Have you considered cancer treatment in India? Did you know that cancer treatment in India can give you the desired results?

Cancer can take a heavy toll on the person affected by it. This affects a person not only emotionally and physically but also financially. Cancer treatment could be pretty hard on your pockets. Considering treatment outside of the country can be expensive if you want to get into the top hospitals. On the other hand, India is emerging as a hotspot to treat cancer patients very recently. There are many hospitals in India which might give the same level of treatment as any other country in many ways. This is the reason why cancer medical care is not only overflowing with people within the country but also from other south Asian countries. An influx of people coming from outside the country has helped to boost medical tourism in India. 

Cancer treatment in India

India: an emerging hotspot for cancer treatment

India is a country that is seeing unprecedented growth in the medical facilities and hospitals to cater to the needs of the fast-growing number of cancer patients. Every year a million new cases of cancer show up, and this number is going to increase by 5 times by 2025. This has caught the attention of government and local bodies to boost the growth of the medical infrastructure and facilities. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc, are the places where cancer facilities have seen a lot of development.

Top oncologists and medical facilities

Most of the oncologists who provide cancer treatments have experience and are qualified specialists. They can diagnose the stage of cancer and plan the appropriate cancer treatment for a particular cancer type with minimal side effects. They work closely with nursing staff to ensure that patients receive the correct dosage and top-quality care.

Cancer hospitals in India now have new and advanced techniques to treat this disease. Robotic surgery is also common in most Indian hospitals. Proton therapy is expensive and is only available in a few countries, but it is available in India. Cyber-knife surgery, a painless, non-invasive robotic radiation therapy, is also available in India. This has the limitation that it has no side effects. 

Using some of the best machines and accurate surgical instruments, Indian surgeons can perform cancer surgery accurately. If desired, you can also contact an online oncologist for your second opinion.

India’s Top Hospitals and Clinics for Cancer Treatment: 

Most cancer treatment hospitals in India are NABL, NABH, ISO, and CAP-accredited and approved by DSIR. These facilities have equipment with first-class infrastructure that provides a comfortable atmosphere for patients. All highly rated Cancer Treatment (Oncology) Hospitals in India offer the best cancer treatments and show the best patient treatment possible. Both doctors and nursing staff in these hospitals are experienced and competent

Myriad of options for treatment

India provides a lot of options for cancer treatments, and the type of treatment is tailored to meet the patient’s requirements and condition. Treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, surgery, etc can be availed to treat the patients. You can now find that many hospitals provide these treatment options now. Even the new drugs released are usually available in India very soon. The time gap is now only a few months, like 3 months or so. This means that you won’t be lagging on any treatment or newly launched but promising drugs. 

Cost of treatment:

Apart from these, the cost of treatment is not so high here. People can easily get treatment without having to worry about their budget. Less expensive treatment doesn’t mean that the quality of treatment is affected or degraded. The quality remains the same. The level of treatment provided is not different from treatments provided in other parts of the world.

Support of family for people within the nation:

Another disadvantage of going abroad may be a lack of family support. If you go to another country, you might not be surrounded by your loved ones and might feel lonely. This has a psychological impact and can cause a negative impact on the mental well-being of the patients. The caregivers, on the other hand, might not get the support they may get if they were in their home nations, where their friends and family belong. 

Why has India become a cancer treatment destination?

Medical and non-medical staff in Indian hospitals provide the utmost care and highest quality of cancer care to the patients, and also these medical professionals are highly skilled, qualified, and well experienced. The cost of cancer treatment in India is cheaper when compared with other countries. Along with this, most of the facilities have ultra-modern infrastructure, which provides the best ambiance to patients and contains the latest medical equipment to perform cancer treatment.

Summing up

We always seek what’s best for our interests. The same goes for treatment plans for cancer patients, which means getting the desired results, enhanced quality of life, and faster recovery. If you can get all these in India at a cost that is pretty less compared to other countries, then you may not feel like seeking medical centers outside the country. India is now at par with medical facilities with top oncologists catering to the treatment plans that can cater to your requirements and expectations.


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