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What to Pack in a Chemo Bag

Picking a Chemo bag

It would be best if you had a bag that is both portable and simple to use. You may make the most of chemotherapy by choosing the correct bag.

To stay organised, get a bag with lots of compartments. You can keep your blanket or jacket in one compartment, your wallet and phone in another, and books, games, and other activities in another. You’ll constantly be aware of everything’s location during treatment if you do it this way.

Another option to think about is a washable bag. Being able to wash your bag in between appointments will help you stay as germ-free as possible as hospitals can be complete with them.

From there, choosing a purse comes down to what resonates with you. Get a bag that represents your favorite sports team or your favorite color. An excellent choice for your purse is anything that makes you joyful and that you enjoy looking at.

Materials for Reading

Reading materials give you amusement outside your cell phone and an opportunity to take your mind off your illness throughout long days and treatments. Bring novels, magazines, or other reading items to help pass the time during treatment. Furthermore, infusion rooms are often quiet, making them ideal locations for reading.

A Coat

You should bring a jacket to keep warm since oncology facilities are frequently frigid. You’ll be able to layer up if it gets too cold and remove your jacket if it gets too hot that way.


You’ll probably feel hungry during treatment. You can stay strong and energised throughout the day by carrying snacks with you, and it also guarantees that you have something to eat. You can consume a variety of meals while receiving chemotherapy, although the majority of suggested snacks are light and high in fibre.

Some food items known to be nutritious and suggested during chemo are,

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Hard-boiled or scrambled eggs
  3. Broth
  4. Almonds and other nuts
  5. Smoothies
  6. Bread and biscuits

A pen and a notebook

Sessions of chemotherapy can be emotionally and physically taxing. Writing in a journal is a secure and private approach to processing complicated feelings. It improves a patient’s mental health and resiliency, according to studies. You can journal about your medical care or simply how you’re feeling and what’s happening in your life.

No-fragrance Lotion

Your skin may get dry from chemotherapy treatment. Bring unscented lotion with you to your appointment to assist keep your skin feeling healthy and avoid any pain. Make sure to pack unscented lotion because fragrant creams may cause your skin to dry even more.


According to research, music fosters relaxation and decreases tension. Music can be a particularly effective tool for mindfulness and improved positivity during cancer treatment. Bring headphones so you can enjoy your favourite music during treatment and make it more enjoyable. Choose relaxing music that you like, and that will help you relax.

Drawing tools and coloring sheets

Coloring is a creative and entertaining activity to kill time that can also aid with mindfulness and relaxation. Coloring might help you concentrate on something uplifting and unwind throughout the prolonged and occasionally trying days of chemotherapy. A coloring book containing several coloring pages is available.

A quilt or blanket

You may end up wishing to take a nap during your session because some of the anti-nausea medications you’re prescribed before treatment can make you drowsy. Bring a blanket with you to ensure that you can stay warm and cosy while sleeping.

A charger for a phone

Using your mobile to stay in touch with loved ones, use social media, or read the news can be pretty helpful during treatment. In case of an emergency or if you want to use your phone for leisure, you should ensure it is fully charged. To ensure that you never go without a phone charger, pack one.

Tips for chemotherapy

Every year, chemotherapy is administered to hundreds of thousands of people. Even though every person’s course of therapy is unique, here are a few pointers to assist you.

  • Create a network of allies. According to cancer nurse Josette Snyder, finding someone to assist you at home or accompany you to appointments will help you have “peace of mind with someone you trust taking care of things.”
  • To make sure that you and the rest of your care team understand and agree on your treatment plan, ask questions when you meet with your doctor and the other members of your care team.
  • Make a plan for any adverse effects that might occur, including who will take care of you after the treatments, how the therapies will affect your work and home life, and how to handle any potential effects on fertility.
  • Take notes throughout your visits, and don’t be shy about asking the care staff to repeat themselves or go more slowly.



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