What to Look For In Curcumin Supplements While Buying


Spice turmeric encompasses the substance, Curcumin. It has long been used in Asian medicine to treat a variety of illnesses. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. Now some research suggests that curcumin may help prevent or treat cancer.It also is effective in managing side effects and improving the quality of life for people with cancer. Curcumin is the active ingredient in the spice turmeric.

As curcumin has antioxidant properties, it may decrease swelling and inflammation. Researchers are exploring it as a cancer treatment in part because inflammation appears to play a role in cancer.

Laboratory and animal research suggests that curcumin may prevent cancer, slow the spread of cancer, make chemotherapy more effective and protect healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy.

Why Curcumin?

While cancer treatment cures affected organs, it also damages healthy body parts, often leaving the body weak and difficult to recover. Curcumin is a natural remedy that not only helps fight against cancer, but also reduces the side effects, and helps the body regain its strength after the treatment. Curcumin plays a vital role in combating cancer cells. It relatively mitigates the spread or expansion of cancer cells and enhances the patient’s survival rate. It also combines with cancer treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy to substantially improve the anti-cancer effect.

What is Curcumin and how to take it?

Curcumin is extracted from Turmeric. It is a common spice present in Indian and other South Asian cooking, and is widely present in the food items for its medicinal properties.

Our bodies do not absorb Curcumin, if one consumes it directly. So, people mix different agents with it to increase the absorption level; one such agent is piperine (the active ingredient in pepper). However, many experts suggest that one should consume Curcumin on an empty stomach. One should consult their doctor to understand the best approach for taking this medication for them.

What to look for in Curcumin before buying 

Curcumin has a low absorption rate into the bloodstream. Tablet supplements frequently include ingredients that can significantly increase absorption rates. A curcumin supplement should include a high concentration of curcumin plus an ingredient to help enhance its absorption by the body. A 2019 research paper suggests that taking curcumin with piperine, a compound found in black pepper, can help the body absorb more curcumin. For this reason, curcumin supplements may contain piperine to improve absorption. The supplement will have a higher, more concentrated curcumin content if it contains turmeric extract rather than powdered turmeric.


If you are planning to buy Curcumin, always consider the dosage when purchasing supplements. Curcumin and turmeric supplements are available in different dosages. Some supplements contain a higher dose of curcumin per capsule than others.

Dosage recommendations vary depending on the condition a person wishes to treat, but supplements typically contain 500—1,000 milligrams (mg) per serving.

Neither curcumin nor turmeric taken orally absorbs well unless taken with black pepper or piperine, a constituent of black pepper responsible for its pungency. When shopping for supplements, make sure that the one you choose contains black pepper extract or piperine. However, use of piperine may interact with a wide range of prescription medications. So long-term use of piperine is not advisable. 

Before starting a new supplement, speak with a doctor, particularly if you are currently taking medications for other health reasons.

How is it helpful in Cancer?

Curcumin is a natural anticancer agent which inhibits tumor growth. It reduces inflammation caused by treatments like chemotherapy. In fact, it also reduces fatigue resulting from cancer treatments.

It not only lessens pain, but many other side effects of chemo- and radiotherapy, including mucositis, mouth and throat ulcers, swallowing problems, nausea, and vomiting).

Curcumin is a natural anticancer agent. People use it to inhibit and control cancer. A study shows that curcumin reduces the side effects of cancer treatment. People extract it from turmeric, which is an ancient medicinal herb. Curcumin boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. It helps manage anxiety and depression.

Clinical Evidence

Curcumin has shown anticancer effects in some small trials on patients with several types of cancer: bladder, cervical, colon, esophageal, oral, pancreatic, skin, and stomach cancers.

Why should you use Curcumin along with an Anti cancer diet?

Curcumin is proven to reduce inflammation and provides many other benefits including reducing the growth of cancer cells, hence making it a part of an anti cancer diet. It can help manage anxiety and depression; it can also make radiation more effective by reducing the damage of good cells of the body. Neither curcumin nor turmeric taken orally is well absorbed unless taken with black pepper or piperine, a constituent of black pepper responsible for its pungency. So always look for a piperine based Curcumin before buying for best results. 


Many other studies show that curcumin is very effective when used with cancer treatments. It reduces the risk of further development of cancer as well.

A study was conducted among 160 cancer patients getting treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, to understand whether a reliable dose of curcumin reduced symptoms like fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, insomnia, and many others. It showed that most of these symptoms were significantly reduced in people who consumed curcumin supplements.

Why MediZen Curcumin

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