Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mistletoe (European)

Uses of Mistletoe

Here are a few medicinal uses of this plant whose applications have been tested for various ailments.

  • Cancer

Several studies and laboratory tests on animals are being done to determine the value of Mistletoe in treating cancer. Limited studies have found out that Mistletoe extract can help in lowering the cancer symptoms and side effects, thereby helping patients feel relieved and even increasing their survival rate to a certain extent.

  • Hepatitis

Clinical trials are being done to understand how Mistletoe helps in treating hepatitis. Although most of these are conflicting results, more research can help in the deliberate understanding of Mistletoe and its power.


A few studies suggest that Mistletoe is playing a vital role in boosting the immune systems of different HIV patients. Nonetheless, more evidence is needed to back this up.

  • Lowering high blood pressure levels

Laboratory results and meticulous tests suggest that Mistletoe may lower blood pressure levels in the body.

  • Immune stimulant

Laboratory tests on animals suggest that Mistletoe aims to stimulate and modulate the immune system.