Monday, October 2, 2023

Prostate Cancer

Treating different stages of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer treatments are solely dependent on a multitude of factors like the speed of the cancer growth and stage of cancer.


Surgery chiefly revolves around radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland). Radical prostatectomy can be chiefly performed in 2 different ways.

Creating an incision in the abdomen- Retropubic Surgery involves taking out the prostate gland by an incision in the lower abdomen.

Robot assistance during therapy- A robot-assisted Surgery involves attaching instruments to a robot. These instruments are then inserted into the abdomen of your body by numerous incisions. Robotic prostatectomy plays a brilliant role in administering and organizing meticulous movements for the Surgery.


Radiotherapy utilizes high-peered sources to eliminate cancer cells in two different methods.

  • External beam radiation- In a nutshell, external beam radiation is the radiation that occurs on the outside of the body. During this process, you are required to lie down on a table beside the movable machine. This movable machine directs high-powered beams like protons or X-rays to detect and treat Prostate Cancer. External beam radiation takes about 5 days minimum and can stretch up to several weeks.
  • Brachytherapy- Brachytherapy is the process of placing several radioactive Seeds of the size of rice into the prostate tissue. These Seeds offer a minimum dose of radiation for an expanded time. The doctor then implants these Seeds into the prostate with the help of an Ultrasound and needle. These Seeds coherently stop emitting radiation due to which you don’t have to remove them.

3.Hormone Therapy

Hormone treatment is usually done to eliminate male hormone testosterone. Prostate Cancer cells solely depend on testosterone for their development. Stopping the testosterone supply can slow down the growth of cancer cells. Three types of hormone therapies include:

  • Orchiectomy (testicles removal surgery)
  • Medications for blocking the testosterone from cancer cells.
  • Testosterone eliminating medications.


Chemotherapy is the process of utilizing drugs to epilate the rapidly evolving cancerous cells. It is retail by injecting the drug into your veins or by consuming it through pills. It is one of the most widely used treatments that help in treating the Prostate Cancer cells which spread throughout the body.

5.Freezing prostate tissue

Cryoablation or Cryosurgery is the process of freezing the tissue to eliminate and kill the cancer cells. During the process of cryosurgery, doctors make use of small needles to insert it into the prostate gland, along with utilizing Ultrasound images for thorough guidance. The needles comprise a cold gas that freezes the surrounding tissue of the prostate gland. The second gas inserted into the prostate heats the tissue. The consistent cycles of thawing and freezing play a crucial role in killing the cancer cells and adjacent healthy tissues to avoid reinfection.

6.Biological therapy

Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy, is the process of combating cancer cells with the help of the immune system. PROVENGE is a popular biological therapy used for treating advanced Prostate Cancer. It is also utilized for treating recurrent Prostate Cancer. This treatment involves collecting your immune cells to combat Prostate Cancer. These cells are removed and enhanced by laboratory methodologies, thereby injecting them into the body for enhanced Prostate Cancer treatment.