Saturday, September 23, 2023


Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can be quite painful in certain cases and produce long-lasting side effects that take a while to heal. Resveratrol has not only shown to affect cancerous cells during treatment, but it has also shown the potential to decrease side effects faced by patients because of radiation and Chemotherapy. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Resveratrol has shown abilities to help treat and decrease side effects like:

  • Radiation Side Effects: Radiation can cause hair loss, diarrhea, skin problems, urinary and bladder issues, and more, depending on the affected body part. In certain studies, Resveratrol has been shown to decrease some of these symptoms and effects.
  • Certain Chemotherapy Side Effects: Chemotherapy can have long term side effects like heart or brain damage, fertility, and sexual problems, hair loss, loss of appetite, and Fatigue. One of such problems in cardiotoxicity, which is the damage caused to the heart’s muscles due to chemicals administered for Chemotherapy. Research has shown that Resveratrol has been known to decrease, and in some cases, prevent cardiotoxicity.