Sunday, June 4, 2023


Resveratrol in Cancer Treatment

As mentioned above, Resveratrol is found to have shown successful implications for the potential treatment and prevention of cancer in several studies that were conducted on samples of cells collected from animals. The success of this treatment on human cancer cells is yet to be completely determined.

Research cites that there are three ways in which the administration of Resveratrol can prove to be beneficial as an add-on during cancer treatment, which are:

  • Reduce Cancerous Growth: Studies have shown that Resveratrol has been successful in preventing cancerous cells from multiplying or replicating themselves. It has also been instrumental in reducing their spread via metastasis to other parts of the body.
  • Change Gene Expression: Resveratrol has also been observed to change the genetic makeup or expression in cancer cells that instigate their replication and curb it, thus making them ineffective when it comes to reproduction.
  • Change Hormone Behavior: The compound has been known to be useful in the treatment of hormone-based cancers, by exhibiting the ability to change and influence the way certain hormones are expressed.