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Does Specialized Diet Reduce Cancer Risks?

A proper diet may prevent cancer, an article in Harvard’s health journal says. The report in the article is based on combined research by World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research. It emphasizes the importance of proper eating habits to prevent one of the most feared illnesses. The research was conducted in a group of individuals in the United States Of America. The research was part of a study of the association between dietary habits and the health of individuals.

Researchers conducted the study on 42,000 cancer-free individuals over the age of 40 for eight years. The participants had to record every part of their diet in a day in three records every six months. They had to record the portion, time, and even with whom and where they ate during the period. The dietary plans of the individuals were compared with various nutrition charts. The World Cancer Research Fund and America Institute for Cancer Research had prepared a diet plan that was supposed to prevent cancer. The recordings of the participants in the study were compared with the diet plan. Results show that those who followed a proper diet similar to the organizations’ had a 12% lower chance of getting cancer. The diet plan was especially protective of certain cancer like Prostate Cancer and Colon Cancer.

Avoid Processed and Red Meat

The diet plan emphasizes on the plant-based eating habits to avoid the chances of getting cancer. According to the research, taking enough amounts of vegetables and greens is very important. Lentils like peas and legumes are also essential in one’s diet plan. The study suggests that reducing the intake of red meat could reduce the risks of cancer. Also, processed food items should be avoided entirely to lower the risks.

Alcohol Intake and Cancer Risks

The results of the research also say that alcohol intake can also affect the chances of one getting cancer. The more alcohol one drinks, the more is his/her chance of getting cancer. Abstaining from alcohol can reduce your risks of getting cancer to a large extent. This was one of the most noted parts of the outcomes of the study.

This study emphasizes the importance of proper eating habits. Not just cancer but several other health problems can also be prevented with a healthy diet.

Expert Guidance from Cancer Coach

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