Thursday, June 23, 2022

Macrobiotic diet

Research into macrobiotic diets

Some research shows that macrobiotic diets can improve some people’s health if they are followed in moderation and not taken to an extreme.

This may be because these people are almost certainly increasing their fruit and vegetable intake and reducing their fat, sugar and salt intake. But for some people who are ill or very young, following a Macrobiotic diet can have serious harmful effects.

People who eat macrobiotic diets for many years often have low fat and cholesterol levels, which may lower their risk of getting:

  • heart disease
  • breast cancer
  • other cancers linked to a high fat diet

But you can also get these health benefits through a normal healthy diet.

Some organisations say that a Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle can help people with cancer and other health conditions. But there has not been enough scientific research into this. New treatments need to be compared with accepted and proven ones within a properly organised series of clinical trials before we can be sure of their true benefits.


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