Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Colorectal Cancer


How to prevent Colorectal Cancer?

A change in specific lifestyle measures (for the better) can aid in the prevention of Colorectal Cancer. They are:

  • Nutritious diet: Replenish your diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, fiber, and carbohydrates in healthy amounts. Bring down the content of red or processed meats in your diet, and include healthy fats instead of saturated ones, such as fish oils, avocado, olive oils, and Nuts.
  • Regular exercise: Indulging in regular, moderate exercises are known to bring down the chances of developing Colorectal Cancer significantly.
  • Bodyweight: Always be mindful of your body weight as obesity or being overweight can raise your chances of contracting any cancer, including Colorectal Cancer.
  • Early detection of the responsible gene: A specific research in the journal “Gut” reveals that a gene associated with shortened survival and Colorectal Cancer recurrence if detected early in a person through a Colorectal Cancer Biopsy can help doctors make a prognosis.
  • Oranges: Another study result revealed in “Science” suggests Vitamin C present in 300 oranges can impair cancer cells, so it is likely that the power of Vitamin C can be harnessed one day to combat Colorectal Cancer.
  • Coffee: Scientists have discovered that drinking coffee daily, be it decaffeinated or otherwise, can prove to be useful as it can lower the risk of Colorectal Cancer substantially.