Head and Neck Cancer

How to prevent Head and Neck Cancer

The best way to prevent head and neck cancers is to avoid lifestyle choices that increase the risk of getting these cancers. A healthy lifestyle, free from Alcohol and nicotine, will ultimately lead to a disease-free and peaceful life. For those who are exposed to risk factors by way of occupational hazards, awareness is the key. Be aware of all the early signs and symptoms of the head and neck cancers and conduct physical examinations regularly. Check the inner portions of the mouth, tongue, gums, ears, nasal cavity, sinus and throat for any lumps or discolorations. If you notice any lumps or soreness or Pain in any of the above areas, especially if you have a family history with the head and neck cancers, go to the doctor or a specialist immediately. The earlier the cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat it, the more effective the treatment and higher the chances of recovery it would be.