Friday, December 9, 2022

Blood Cancer

Prevent Blood Cancer

How to prevent Blood cancer?

The definite cause of Blood Cancer is still unknown. In most cases, Blood Cancer cannot be prevented as it is either genetic or due to the family history of Blood Cancer. The preventive methods include steps that should be taken to lead a healthy lifestyle. These preventive measures can surely decrease the chances of getting Blood Cancer.

Say no to Smoking

Smoking has been reported as a risk factor for developing various types of cancer, such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, and Blood Cancer. If you are an active smoker, or you live in an environment where passive smoking is inevident for you, avoid inhaling the smoke at all costs.

Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals

Chemicals such as benzene, pesticides, and insecticides should be avoided. Coming in contact with these chemicals for a longer period of time can trigger the abnormal production of blood cells in the bone marrow.

Avoid Radiation

If you have a genetic disorder or a family history of Leukemia and other blood cancers, then you should avoid exposure to radiation and Chemotherapy.

Stay Active

An active and healthy lifestyle is essential to prevent any type of disease, including Blood Cancer. Exercise regularly, eat nutritious food to adhere to a balanced diet, and make sure to look after your overall physical health.

Regular checkups

Recognizing the cancer symptoms in the initial stages can only be possible by undergoing regular checkups. Most importantly, if you have a family history of blood cancer, or you are subjected to a weakened immune system, make sure to consult your doctor over regular periods of time to diagnose any early symptoms of Blood Cancer.