Polarity treatment, also known as polarity balancing, is an energy therapy based on the idea that altering your body’s electromagnetic field might help you with various ailments.

Polarity treatment is a holistic, energy-based technique that combines bodywork, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle counselling to restore and maintain healthy energy flow throughout the body. The basic premise of polarity therapy is that all energy in the human body is based on electromagnetic power, and disease is caused by incorrectly dissipated energy.

This style of alternative medicine was founded in 1947 by Dr. Randolph Stone, an osteopath, chiropractor, and naturopath.(Mustian et al., 2011)

There isn’t much scientific evidence that polarity balancing, like other energy therapies like reiki and biofield energy therapy, can treat any specific disease or sickness.

Randolph Stone (1888–1981), an Austrian-American chiropractor, osteopath, and naturopath, invented polarity treatment to combine Eastern and Western therapeutic concepts and practices. During a vacation in India, Stone discovered the ancient ideas of Ayurvedic philosophy. He also studied reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine as part of a lifelong quest to find the principles of human vitality. (Polarity Therapy | Encyclopedia.Com, n.d.)

All directional motion in the body is controlled by the five breaths of air, each of which is in charge of a different form of movement. Stone went on to say that the prana, which is located in the brain, is ultimately in order of the body’s combined forces. Any obstruction or restriction to the flow of prana impacts the overall health of the body. The movement of food and air into the human body and our relationships with other living creatures and the intake of the five sensory organs nourish the prana force.

Stone spent most of his time delineating an intricately detailed cause-and-effect link between human anatomy and sickness, based on the prana energy flow. He also claimed that electromagnetic energy is the foundation for all energy forces. He defined the flow patterns using the medical sign of the Caduceus and detailed descriptions of the energy movement in human body charts. The energy fluxes in polarity therapy are charted. The primary energy pattern is described by a spiral motion radiating from the umbilicus, determining the fetus’s original energy flow in the womb.


Before starting treatment, therapists obtain a thorough case history from each patient. This basic speech test frequently monopolizes the initial therapy session. A therapist may need to check the patient’s physical, structural balance through observation and physical examination depending on the circumstances.

What is polarity balancing?

Practitioners of polarity balancing employ a combination of meditation, hands-on approaches, nutrition, yoga, and exercises to assist your body’s energy balance in rebalancing holistically.

The concept of polarity, like other energy therapies, is predicated on the following assumptions. 

  1. Blockages in energy flow cause illness.
  2. Both the mind and the body are capable of self-healing.
  3. Manipulation of the body’s internal energy field can help in the healing process. (Mustian et al., 2011)

The theory that positive and negative charges in the body’s electromagnetic field influence the flow of energy in the body is unique to polarity balancing. Your practitioner will begin a polarity therapy session by examining your body for the source of energy blockage by looking for symptoms such as pain and muscle tension.

The practitioners will utilize a range of techniques to liberate the energy flow after the source has been located, including specialized massage.

Polarity treatment practitioners look for symptoms including pain, stiffness, muscular spasms, and muscle tension in the shoulders and back to determine the source of energy blockages. After identifying obstructions, the practitioner uses several procedures to remove energy field routes, including spinal realignment and movement exercises. Deep breathing, yoga, and hydrotherapy are some techniques that can be used in polarity therapy. (Heart Disease Treatments, n.d.)

Before receiving polarity therapy, persons with cancer and certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and arthritis should visit their doctor. It’s also worth noting that employing polarity therapy instead of traditional care for a chronic ailment or significant sickness such as cancer could have profound implications.


Polarity balancing is not used to treat any disease or ailment. It may improve overall wellness by promoting a good diet, regular exercise, and the incorporation of other potentially helpful activities such as yoga and meditation.

Proponents of polarity balancing think that if energy flow is disturbed, it will result in polarity balancing.

Stress can cause you to develop: Side effects of medical treatments include discomfort, nausea, and sickness.

Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the use of polarity therapy to treat any specific condition, it has been used to alleviate the symptoms of eating disorders arthritic, hyperactivity disorder with attention deficit (ADHD), cancer, cerebral palsy is a neurological condition that affects people., fibromyalgia is fatigue, stomach troubles, Asthma from sports, Depression, insomnia \sinfertility, Menopause. 

Polarity Therapy’s 4 Areas of Focus:

  1. Bodywork
  2. Stretches and Exercises
  3. Nutrition
  4. Verbal Counseling (Mind)
  • Bodywork.:

A positive energy field exists in the right half of the body, whereas a negative lot exists in the left. The positive and negative poles on the body are represented by the fingers and toes, which correspond to Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These positive and negative poles form energy zones in, around, and throughout the body constantly circulating.

Polarity therapists encourage the flow of energy and blockages by using a range of bipolar holds. Different sorts of pressure and shaking, vibration, and even sound may be used in the treatment. The method is similar to reflexology and cranial sacral procedures. Polarity therapy is a form of energy healing. It involves the body releasing blocked energy that animates the physical body (life). The concept of nutrition, exercise, and counselling can improve your health by eating well and exercising.

  • Excercise:

Dr Stone noticed that movement could heal the body by releasing blocked energy and constraints (matter). One frequent polarity therapy activity is to squat and softly rock, which opens the pelvic outlet and releases energy in the neurological system. Many of the stretches and activities used by Dr Stone are not directly from the yoga tradition, such as gently rocking to release energy.

  • Nutrition:

Its energy determines the nature of matter. Similarly, the point in our meals indicates the food’s composition. When treating a problem, foods with the opposite nature will improve it, whereas those with the exact nature will worsen it. Ayurveda and TCM both understand the importance of nutrition and the ability of food to alter physical conditions. The body will seek certain things that it needs, but it is critical not to overeat since this will destabilize the system.

The theory that potatoes are highly alkaline and draw out acid irritations with external treatment is one example of polarity therapy.

people can use them for several purposes, including: Colds, Problems with the Sinuses, Hay Fever, is a common ailment that affects, Asthma

  • Counselling

Dr Stone realized that our thoughts shape our world. Stone saw therapy as an essential aspect of one’s overall health, including various principles like tolerance, spirituality, and the pursuit of a greater calling. Even his work in polarity therapy was motivated by the desire to make significant advances in our understanding of the fundamental nature of man, health, and life.(Who Invented Polarity Therapy and What’s It Used For? | Massage Professionals Update, n.d.)

Health benefits:

In cancer: Energy therapies are occasionally utilized in conjunction with cancer treatment. Although there is no proof that they can treat cancer, they may alleviate some symptoms.

Trustworthy source investigated explored the efficacy of polarity therapy on cancer-related fatigue in 45 women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer in pilot research from 2011(Mustian et al., 2011). In comparison to the usual treatment group, the polarity therapy group showed a slight improvement in fatigue. The modified message group and the polarity therapy group have very little in common.

According to a preliminary study, polarity therapy may assist in mitigating some of the side effects of specific cancer treatments. Researchers discovered that polarity therapy might help reduce fatigue and enhance the quality of life among women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer in a pilot study published in Integrative Cancer Therapies in 2005., (Roscoe et al., 2005)

In stress:

According to a 2012 study, The potential benefits of polarity treatment on the stress levels of carers caring for patients with dementia were investigated by Trusted Source. The 42 participants may either do polarity therapy for eight sessions or choose from various soothing activities like yoga or basket weaving Compared to the other subjects, the researchers discovered that those who had polarity therapy had much lower stress and sadness levels. According to a 2009 study, polarity therapy may help alleviate stress. The study enlisted the help of 42 dementia caregivers. One group had eight polarity therapy sessions, while the other received temporary relief from their caregiver responsibilities. After examining each subject, the researchers discovered that those who received polarity therapy had much lower stress levels. Furthermore, participants in the polarity therapy group experienced significant depression, pain, vitality, and overall health.(L Korn et al., 2012)


Polarity therapy is generally considered safe. But it should be avoided in breastfeeding and pregnancy as there isn’t enough credible information to tell whether polarity therapy is safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. (Leslie Korn et al., 2009)