Thursday, June 1, 2023 Cancer Healing Circle Talks | Snehal Ponde| Breast Cancer Survivor

0 Cancer Healing Circle Talks | Snehal Ponde| Breast Cancer Survivor
cancer healing
cancer healing Cancer Healing Circle Talks | Snehal Ponde| Breast Cancer Survivor

While nursing her newborn, Snehal noticed an unusual swelling in her breast, which turned out to be Stage 4 Breast Cancer that had spread to her lungs, liver, and bones. She underwent several cycles of hormonal therapy and chemotherapy. Despite losing confidence and feeling miserable due to the diagnosis and side effects like hair loss and fatigue, Snehal credits her family and counselor for offering crucial support and helping her stay positive during treatment.

She learned valuable lessons from her cancer journey, including the importance of self-care. She advises people that while cancer can be a challenging experience, seeking support and prioritizing mental health can make a significant impact on the healing process.

About Cancer Healing Circle Talks: Cancer Healing Circle Talks are sacred spaces meant to inspire and guide cancer patients and caregivers in their cancer journey. These are open events that you could share with people who could benefit from attending them.

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