Thursday, December 7, 2023

Conversation with Nehal Thaker- Breast Cancer Survivor

Conversation with Nehal Thaker- Breast Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Survivor Stories
Conversation with Nehal Thaker- Breast Cancer Survivor

Listen to the Mrs. Nehal Thaker went through a Breast Cancer preventive journey herself and also has been a cancer caregiver. She found lumps in her breast along with fluid coming out 0f her nipple. She immediately got Mammography done and got operated on to remove the lumps even though they were non-malignant. She has a genetic history of cancer and many women in her family have had cancer before. She has been a caregiver to her elder sister who had Colon Cancer which got detected at a later stage. Nehal has shared various tips on positive affirmation, anti-cancer diet, complementary therapies and overcoming obesity for cancer patients.
Nehal says “Always keep yourself positive, do deep-breathing, be with nature, listen to good music and do everything that makes you happy. It will help you alot”.

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