Friday, September 22, 2023

Cancer Healing Journey with Nisha Choithraam

Cancer Healing Journey with Nisha Choithraam
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Healing Journey with Nisha Choithraam

Listen to the Cancer Healing Journey of Nisha choithraam who was diagnosed with Breast cancer. In May 2016, Nisha choithraam found a lump in her breast. She doesn’t take it seriously but still, she contacted a doctor. All her reports were negative. After she got married she felt some pain and got herself tested. This time it was cancer.
Her husband was very supportive & her family took care of her all the time.
She had to go 6 chemotherapy cycles, 25 radiation & 11 herseptics. She recovered after two and half years. They are currently planning for a baby and living a normal life. She has to take medicines for 10 years.
She is now more concerned about her health and is strong enough to face any situation. Cancer made her and her family mentally strong.

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