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Cancer Healing Journey with Mahalakshmi- Carcinoma Cancer Survivor

Cancer Healing Journey with Mahalakshmi- Carcinoma Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Healing Journey with Mahalakshmi- Carcinoma Cancer Survivor

Listen to the Cancer Healing Journey of Mahalakshmi who is a Carcinoma Cancer Survivor. Mahalakshmi is a counselor, who deals with cancer patients. Last year during her menopause time she was suffering from excessive bleeding. Her husband took her to the gynecologist who did her ultrasound and told her to go for a hysteroscopy. When the reports came it showed that her uterus has grown in size and she has lumps. Doctor told her to go for surgery because they thought surgery would be the best treatment option and she will be cured. Doctors even told her that her whole reproductive system will be taken out. during the surgery the doctor got to know that this tumor is aggressive and has even affected the ovaries part. So, the ovaries’ reproductive part has to be taken out, even the pelvic region was also affected.
After the surgery, the doctor said for 6 chemos in an interval of 21 days. After the chemo, the next day or after 24 hours she has to take a booster that results in pain in her body, she can’t even move a bit from her bed. She cured these pain by taking a good diet and yoga, sometimes walking as it was not easy to walk because of covid. She just feels grateful for having a good caretaker with her, her husband. She even said that if one has a good caretaker, takes good diet and follow the doctor’s instructions properly and stick to just one therapy will surely get great results.

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