Sunday, June 4, 2023

Cancer Healing Journey with Dr. Sangita

Cancer Healing Journey with Dr. Sangita
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Survivor Stories
Cancer Healing Journey with Dr. Sangita

Listen to the Cancer Healing Journey of Dr. Sangita. She is an Ayurveda doctor. 10 years back, she felt some lump in her breast. She got herself tested and at first, the reports were negative but when she went for the test a second time her reports were positive.
She went to an NGO, which was suggested by her gynecologist. From there she was suggested to go to Tata Memorial hospital for further treatment under Dr. Rajendra Parmar.
She was at stage 0. So the doctors said it can be cured easily without any risk. The doctor advised her to undergo 4 chemotherapy cycles and 25 Radiations. She went for it, the lump got removed and she is fine now.
After recovery she is following a healthy diet and started doing physical activity daily. It’s been 10 years and she still goes for a follow-up every year. She is all okay and fine.

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