Prevention of Oral Cancer

How to prevent Oral cancer?

  • Although there is no proven way to prevent oral cancers, there are ways that can lower the risk of getting affected by one.
  • Quitting Tobacco or not starting at all
  • People consuming Tobacco by any means should stop using it, and those who have not started should never do because consuming Tobacco (whether it’s chewing or smoking or anything else) can expose the cell to cancerous tumors.
  • Drinking Alcohol occasionally
  • Excessive consumption of Alcohol can irritate the cells in the mouth and can make them vulnerable to oral tumors. Limiting Alcohol intake can reduce the risks of getting Oral Cancer.
  • Avoiding overexposure of the sun
  • Overexposing the lips under the sun is a major cause of lip cancer, and you can avoid it by staying in the shades or using lip sunscreen products daily.
  • Regular dental checkups
  • Routine dental checkups are important as the dentists are usually one of the first to notice the cancerous cells.