Diagnosis for Oral Cancer

Diagnosis for Oral cancer

The patients will most likely go through a physical examination at first, which means a close examination of the roof and/or floor of the mouth, back of the tongue, cheeks, and the lymph nodes in the neck. ENT specialists can further examine if and when the doctor is unable to figure out the cause of the symptoms.

  • Biopsy: They can perform a tissue Biopsy if the doctor finds abnormal tissue growth and/or any oral tumors.
  • X-rays: X-rays can help in determining whether the tumors have spread to the jaw, chest, or lungs.
  • CT Scan: A CT Scan can reveal any tumor growth in the mouth, throat, lungs, neck, or anywhere else in the body.
  • PET Scan: It helps determine if cancer has reached the lymph nodes or other organs.
  • MRI Scan: It shows a more accurate image of the head and neck and helps figure out the stage of cancer.
  • Endoscopy: Endoscopy helps examine the inner throat, nasal passages, sinus, windpipe, and trachea.