Navitha Varsha (Breast Cancer): My Faith In The Oncologist Helped Me Survive Cancer


I started feeling a lump in my breasts in January 2017. In a couple of weeks, it became big. During a Yoga session, the Pain became unbearable and my sister asked me to visit a gynecologist at the earliest.

Treatment Protocol

The tests confirmed the presence of cancerous growth. It was shocking for everyone because it was unusual for a 27-year-old girl to have cancer.

I took multiple opinions but all the reports led to the same result. According to the conventional method, I had to go through a PET scan and then for chemotherapy, and later a Surgery had to be performed.


Petrified of the amount of radiation in PET scan, I was reluctant. But due to the urgency of the situation, I had no other choice. I disliked Chemotherapy because of the side-effects it has on people.

Alternate Methods

Somewhere in my mind, I was inclined towards alternative therapy. So when I was told of chemotherapy, I started exploring alternate options too. Then I met a doctor who is an oncologist and treats cancer using herbs. He asked for my reports. He said that it is doubtful that it is cancer. Actual cancer can kill a person in 10 days.

Conversation with Breast Cancer winner Navitha Varsha
Conversation with Breast Cancer winner Navitha Varsha

The Revelation

According to him, when doctors are in doubt they ask you to go through Chemotherapy and this further degrades the body. I was convinced by his argument. I decided to go with his treatment. However, it was difficult to convince my family because there was no statistical data to prove it.

Family Support

So we went through it. Actually, at the end of the day, it is up to the patient which forms of treatment the patient wants to go through with. I also did not want my family to suffer. They could have suffered from the guilt of allowing me alternative treatment. So I put myself away from my family for 3 months. I used this opportunity to do things that I always wanted to do. I made a list and did all things which make me happy.

Treatment Protocol:

I kept myself occupied in various things like breathing exercises, having a healthy routine and lifestyle, reading books, etc. To be honest I forgot that I had cancer for the time being. It was when I used to meet my doctor; I realized that I have cancer. I also experimented with various therapies that I garnered from the internet and books. The impact of all this was that the tumor shrunk and it got detached. The ultimate aim of Chemotherapy was also this. So I achieved it without going for conventional methods. Then I went for Surgery.


Through surgery, the tumor was removed and sent for Biopsy. Conventional doctors want me to give some medicines. However, my other doctors said that I should follow only one line of treatment. So I followed alternative therapy.


After 3 months I went for another test and everything was normal. And since then I have been following my normal lifestyle. But my routines have changed since then. My take on life also has changed. I have now become a minimalist.

Parting Message:

I think these things worked because I found a purpose for my life, I mended relationships with my loved ones as well as with myself, and changed my lifestyle. After my recovery, I also started doing podcasts as well as started writing my blog. By these, I want to provide hope to all the brave souls who are fighting this battle. I want to make them realize that no matter how dark the night is, there will always be morning.


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