Screening of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

The doctor suggests a screening to see cancer before having any signs or symptoms. Scientists continue to develop tests that can screen a person for certain types of cancer. The overall aim of cancer screening is to –

  • Lower the count of people who develop the disease
  • Lower the count of people who die from the disease or eliminate deaths from cancer altogether

Screening information for NPC

Regular health and dental screenings are essential for people who currently use tobacco products; or have used tobacco products in the past and routinely drink alcohol. People who use tobacco and alcohol should receive a general screening examination at least once a year. This is a quick and simple procedure in which the doctor looks in the nose, throat and mouth for abnormalities and feels for lumps in the neck.

After finding anything unusual, the doctor will recommend a more extensive examination using one or more of the diagnostic procedures described in the diagnosis section. Cancer of the head and neck has a better chance of being cured when detected early.