Prevention of Multiple Myeloma 

For some types of cancer, one knows and understands the risk factors in the majority of the cases. For instance, excessive smoking causes lung cancer. So this gives us an opportunity for the prevention of it. For a few other cancers like cervical cancer, early detection is very critical. This takes place by early screening tests before cancer matures and develops. This is yet another opportunity.  

There is no exact or known way to prevent multiple myeloma; from maturing and developing in people with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or solitary plasmacytomas. But with numerous myeloma, few of the cases are link to the risk factors that one can certainly avoid. Research studies and clinical experiments have been investigating if treating an exceptionally high-risk smouldering multiple myeloma may limit it from becoming active multiple myeloma. 

The Right Diet May Offer Myeloma Prevention

Medical and diet experts in the dietary and medical fields are still performing experiments to learn how the diet can reduce cancer risk. They have found proof for many potential links; such as calcium helping protect colorectal cancer, or fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of lung cancer. 

Research scientists haven’t found strong links between the foods you consume and the risk of multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that develops in the immune system and develops into a tumor within your bone marrow. This kind of cancer is relatively rare, with around 10,700 Americans expected to die from it in 2008. 

The research scientists have found some proof that certain kinds of food might make you more or less likely to develop multiple myeloma, and the anti-cancer diets help protect against the disease. 

In an experimental survey taken in 2007, the researchers asked 179 women diagnosed with multiple myeloma and 691 women who were disease-free to list out how frequently they consumed common foods. It came out that particular food was links with lowering the risk of multiple myeloma. The food products or items are tomatoes, broccoli and brussels sprouts, fish, and vitamin A items. On the other hand, soups, ice creams, and pudding link to a greater risk of multiple myeloma. Eating more carbohydrates also directly affects the chances of getting a multiple myeloma diagnosis.

Additional information:

The previous studies have got a connection between butter consumption and higher risk. However, more leafy vegetable consumption links with lowering the risk of multiple myeloma. 

Yet another food and diet connection to multiple myeloma might consist of the quality of food you take in, and the majority of studies have shown that the chances of multiple myeloma have been reported in people who are overweight and obese. 

Alcohol has never had a connection with a significantly higher risk of multiple myeloma. However, several studies have shown that including the one with the Connecticut women — have linked alcohol consumption with a lower risk, although it is not recommended to start or continue drinking alcohol.