Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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Minakshi Ahlawat (Anxiety and stress)

Minakshi Ahlawat (Anxiety and stress)

Minakshi Ahlawat was suffering from the vagaries of depression, stress and anxiety. She tried many herbal therapies, but to no avail.

When she got in touch with us, we guided her to consult with our Medical Cannabis expert Dr Sayed Tahir. She liked his approach, and the consultation gave her hope about her condition.

After just a few months of Medical Cannabis treatment, she has shown excellent results. Today Minakshi can sleep well, she has stopped taking excessive stress which has helped a lot in reducing anxiety. Her mental condition, which was on a downward spiral before, has significantly improved after taking medical cannabis. Her condition is now stable and she has stopped showing displaying characteristic signs of depression.


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