Prevention of Meningioma

As there is no known or exact way to prevent meningioma. However, there are specific lifestyle changes that will help prevent the disease.

Adding fresh fruits such as avocado and apricot to your daily dietary routine is beneficial for meningioma cancer. In other words, brain tumor. Different experiments and studies have shown that intake of foods and supplements may help in reducing the risk of meningioma. These include Curcumin, fish, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, and Vitamin E . Consuming Vitamin D-rich foods in reasonable amounts may also help reduce symptoms such as brain edema in Meningioma tumor patients scheduled for surgical treatment.

However, limit your consumption of foods containing N-nitrosamines, such as salted fish and vegetables and processed meat. Also, one must restrict smoking cigarettes and using exogenous hormones. These are commonly present in oral contraceptives or menopausal hormone therapy. Additionally, try not to go for any other types of hormonal therapies such as cyproterone acetate (CPA), as these may be harmful and increase your risk of meningioma or brain tumour.

Hence, following a specific nutrition or diet plan that includes the right food products and supplements is essential for cancer care and preventing brain tumors such as meningioma.