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MediZen Melatonin

Melatonin is a component created by our body naturally. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. Just above the middle of your brain, there is a pea-sized gland. It assists your body in determining when to sleep and wake up. The body often produces more melatonin at night. Once the sun has set in the evening, levels typically begin to rise. When the sun rises in the morning, they fall. Your daily exposure to light and your internal body clock determines how much your body produces. As melatonin levels rise in the evening, it induces a calm wakefulness that aids in sleep promotion. In most healthy people, the bodies naturally make enough melatonin to aid sleep. However, you can take steps to aid the natural melatonin synthesis of the body and aid it through supplements. 

MediZen Melatonin

The MediZen Melatonin by ZenOnco.io is a non-addictive non-habit-forming natural sleep hormone that helps cancer patients manage sleep loss issues and sleep well. The natural hormone melatonin, which the brain produces, induces and regulates sleep. Medizen is one of its kind medical brand in India that specializes in producing cancer care-specific medications. The MediZen Melatonin is AYUSH approved and made from pure herbal extracts from plant parts. In the lives of our cancer patients, MediZen Melatonin capsules have been demonstrated to have an anti-cancer effect which has helped our patients greatly. 

How does MediZen Melatonin help Cancer Patients?

MediZen Melatonin helps Cancer Patients to:

  • Resolve any sleep issues.
  • Reduces treatment side effects and symptoms
  • It helps manage anxiety and stress

Proper rest and good quality sleep will help in improving the quality of life, increase treatment efficacy and reduce emotional distress in cancer patients.  MediZen Melatonin is a naturally derived sleeping aid. It takes advantage of nature’s power to help cancer patients get good sleep while undergoing treatment. It has been designed in a capsule format that is easy to consume. They allow you to fall asleep quickly, deeply, and gently control your sleep pattern.

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